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napoleon wilson
3 months ago

2hours .27 mins moon chat


heres a leaf on the moon

3 months ago

My neighbors were sufficiently stupid before the covid roll-out, now after their jabs, they want to put “anti-vaxers” in “isolation camps.” I don’t know why anyone would bother trying to influence people here, although they do, it’s such a small community. Would I like to never be honest with most people I’ve known for years, or become hateful of members of my own family because of how brainwashed they’ve become until death do we part? If we come together we can regain our former state of denial and pretend we never learned how “the system” has ruined the minds of… Read more »

Bob Czz
3 months ago

Like I said the last time this Graphine guy was on. My SHILL alert senses go off. All he talks about is fear mongering graphien oxide, and even names himself that…LOL Whenever you have a truth telling platform, you WILL have shill infiltrators. And, that is what he is. AB gives these characters too much benefit of doubt.

Last edited 3 months ago by Bob Czz
3 months ago

Was good to see people questioning this graphene lemming. I honestly think people like this guy come here to train their speaking skills or just for fun. When farce asked him what is GO used for ? He said it could create ideas. He couldn’t even give a real world example. He says he is a scientist yet he uses words to describe GO as been activated and non-activated. I thought that only applied to almonds ? 🙂 Additionally, he mentioned wrapping your house in aluminium foil to protect you. 12/10 on the cringe metre. This guy is a clown… Read more »

3 months ago

Interesting chat towards the end about Graphene Oxide. Does it exist? We could apply the same logic to many avenues of physics or chemistry. We have to start somewhere but….. there are red flags immediately on cursory investigation: Where do psientists acquire their GO from? Turns out one source is Graphene Supermarket, an online supplier, as referenced in several papers. You can buy 1g of dry platelets for $300 graphene-supermarket.com/searc… and you could arrange a blind chemical analysis to detect the proportions of Oxygen and Carbon to satisfy your curiosity if you wished to, I guess. So who supplies “Graphene… Read more »

3 months ago
Reply to  xileffilex

Very much agree with @xilefilex – why should we trust an of the official information on Graphene Oxide ?

All the magical features of Graphene Oxide reads just like a spell akin to Viruses, DNA or Atom bombs for that matter. Official and available information means not much – this is psychological warfare with very deep budgets.

And as to activating the Graphene Oxide through a fake Alien Invasion,,, Oh my, how naive do some need be – have they learnt nothing from doing alternative research ?

Last edited 3 months ago by Unreal