Cooking the books in Alberta and leaving out the recipe

likes this

Today tho I came acoss some very damning figures which a team in Alberta, Canada inadvertently showed to the public (shows how thick they are then). They also hurriedly took them all down when it was pointed out to them what the figures actually showed thus confirming our conspiracy theories to be fact. They’ve been cooking the books and they just showed us the recipe.…

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3 months ago

“ Note: vaccine status category is based on projection. Doses administered within the 14 days prior to a person’s COVID-19 diagnosis are not considered protective as a result, partial or complete vaccination categories only includes those identified as cases over 14 days past their first or second immunization date. “ –Government of Alberta • This is again very good information from Northern Tracy. It’s clearly idiotic to disclose the false premise made to cook the books. At the same time it shows how the devil is really in the small details. • Gouvernments of the world can easily fool the… Read more »