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Lying with Ontario vaccine numbers

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Lies, damn lies, and statistics. I’m sure no-one is checking at this point, except a few dogged substackers. Well done too them all the same.

Context: A few weeks ago I looked into the Ontario case numbers with the context that case rates were much higher in boosted individuals in every age cohort except for 60 years and older. Strangely, Ontario listed 100% vaccination rate for those older than 70 with 100% of those over 80 being fully vaccinated. As a rule of thumb, there are always defectors, and the Ontario unvaccinated population is no exception. It turned out that Ontario actually rolled back the population numbers they used to the 2020 Sta

Source: More on Ontario denominators with corrections for accuracy

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Patience is a virtue

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Good things come to those that wait. Sometimes you just have to wait a little bit longer.

Italian Court Rules Mandatory Vaccination Unconstitutional, ‘Fatal Side Effects’ too Risky
Government can’t treat people as disposable citizens, that’s “Nazism.”…

The lawsuits and the hangings will come next.

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7s, aces, and eights

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Trump is one of the greatest liars and dividers ever, but this hole in one story is plumbing new depths.

Sometimes you need WWE nonsense to get over the covaids madness gripping the world for the third year.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, golf-mad Donald Trump claimed he has hit a whopping seven holes-in-one to date.


An image emerged of the former US President posing alongside Ernie Els, Gene Sauers, Ken Duke and Mike Goodes after supposedly making an ace at the 181-yard par-3 seventh hole of his Trump International course in West Palm Beach a few weeks ago, with Trump issuing a statement to confirm the news……

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Laying off teachers for Klaus, not Covaids

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Covaids is the excuse, but the real reason is there will be no more schools when this digital revolution is over.

Two years later people are still using the wrong lens to view what’s going on.

Today 2,500 teachers and staff of Victoria are not allowed to work because they refuse to take 3rd dose. They need to ask Daniel Andrews why he wants them to jab 3rd dose whereas 3rd dose vaccinated people still catch, transmit Covid and die either by Covid or heart attack?

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All the useless people

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There’s a target on your back.

More from the Klaus and Yuval show.…

Keep in mind that these two twits have the King’s ear.

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FAC1060-Ask Timeless on the Psy-Cull

like this

Kevin from Oregon is a wealth of information.

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