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CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to See If Americans Followed COVID Lockdown Orders

Taylor Dayne Shares Photo Diary of Costa Rica Trip

Salt for Better Health

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Signed, the Doctors

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My new favorite slogan.

From a circular signed the ‘Doctors’ 1876- couldn’t be more apt for today

Try re-vaccination- It never will hurt you,

For re-vaccination has this one great virtue:

Should it injure or kill you whenever you receive it,

We all stand prepared to refuse to believe it.

Great substack.


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Is the WEF controlled opposition?

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Mark says it’s just a controlled opposition marketing plan for the same old United Nation sdgs as outlined by the eugenicist club of Rome.

Via rumble.com/v13bh2b-joseph-bour…

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Re-enforcing covaids while rehashing the AIDS myth

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Propaganda streaming outlet Netflix deployed for this one.

When I wrote ‘Here Comes Covaids’ northerntracey213875959.wordpr… I predicted a planned re-emergence of the scare-mongering AIDs story. I also mentioned that the younger generation who didn’t live through the original would have to be ‘educated’ to refresh the fear factor of the floundering AIDS ‘research’ and charities. So yesterday I got an email from a friend exclaiming how right I’d been.

Source: Covaids and ‘It’s A Sin’ — Blurt

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Steve Kirsch vaccine abolitionist?

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No one appears to be doing more.

My comment:

Another amazing article. So glad you appear to be a vaccine abolitionist. My daughter’s pancreas gave up at 18 – I suspect childhood vaccination. Girls have more fat, and when they get traumatized as teenagers/get their periods and release “relaxin” as part of their cycles their bodies release the toxins stored in the fat and it causes all the auto immune damage like type 1 diabetes. Boys get vaccine damaged right away due to lack of fat – a place to store the poison.

Source: What I learned on my trip to the Ohio Statehouse

The most stunning thing I learned is that you might not find out for more than 10 years if you are seriously injured by a vaccine. Many of us could be ticking time-bombs.

  1. Vaccine adverse events can happen many years later. Vaccines can kill people many years later. One father lost his 20 year old daughter to a seizure caused by a meningitis vaccine given to her when she was a small child. Vaccines can seriously injure people even 13 years after vaccination. One of the hosts of the event had a seizure during the event. She had the Gardasil vaccine many years ago, but didn’t have her first seizure until 13 years ago. The seizures happen when she is under stress and can be triggered by a bad food choice. So even though she had no adverse reactions for 13 years, now she can be disabled in minutes. This was stunning seeing this first hand and learning about the 13 year latency period.
  2. I met an autistic teenager. He was vaccine injured. Hearing about autistic kids is one thing. Actually spending time with an autistic teenager is a whole new level. This is a horrible disease that is believed to be preventable if we stop the vaccines. I’ve been told that the Amish don’t have vaccines and don’t have autism.
  3. Myocarditis rates could very well affect more than 1% of kids. Nobody has done a troponin test on a cohort of vaccinated kids post vaccine. We are basically afraid to look. Peter McCullough thinks it might even be as high as 1 in 20 when you consider subclinical myocarditis (elevated troponin with visible symptoms which means “smoldering heart damage).
  4. Fewer than 1% of the public haven’t ever been vaccinated with any vaccine. I did a “show of hands” survey on a crowd who was mostly COVID unvaccinated. So this is the best case. Fewer than 1% of people raised their hands. 
  5. How to get politicians to act in the public interest: You must show them it will impact their reelection chances. Apparently, they rarely take action otherwise. This was the advice from the pros.
  6. Why Ohio isn’t blocking the vaccines or making mandates illegal: It’s simple: the “good guy” legislators  in Ohio said they don’t have the votes. The vested interests (such as the Chamber of Commerce) will support the other guy if they don’t toe the line and support the vaccine.
  7. 75% of the docs at UCSF/Marin in radiology got religious exemption instead of the booster. It’s because they saw what happened to vaccinated patients. They aren’t stupid. Again, we see validation of the mass formation stats (equal parts duped, semi-duped, not duped).
  8. UK data shows 28X more likely to die (all causes) if vaccinated. UK data shows for ages 10-14,  >=21 days since 2nd shot died at 28 times the rate of the unvaccinated. Check out archive.ph/kch6d. I guarantee you that it’s even worse if you look at death starting right after the shot. Do you think we should run full-page ads and billboards signed by 10,000+ doctors (we include hyperlink to the names in the ad) saying “PLEASE do not vaccinate your kids” with a subhead of “Latest data from the UK government show that vaccinated kids die at 28 times the rate of unvaccinated kids. The CDC doesn’t want to admit they were wrong which is why they aren’t telling you this”? The other ad I want to run is on masks, e.g,, “The latest data shows wearing a mask makes you more likely to get COVID. But the CDC is too embarrassed to admit they got it wrong.” Again, signed by 10,000 doctors with the scientific reference link.
  9. Government incentivized fraud. Ernest Ramirez was offered $30K to say his son died from COVID instead of the vaccine. He refused.
  10. The US government pays schools to push deadly drugs. Ohio State University is being paid almost $1 billion as long as they comply with the CDC vaccine guidance. This is in the public record. So if they are paying this to Ohio State, can you imagine what other schools are getting?


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