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7 days ago

Most of us are aware of aluminium toxicity – even of metals in general. • Has anyone successfully got rid of excess aluminium* from the body? Chelation is the medical term for this, but the allopathic practice seems very intrusive* and not very DIY friendly. • Logically, the human body is built to self regulate every type of outside particles, so even though we are overcharged with various metals – and a lot of it Aluminium – our bodies should be able to excrete it all if not needed. Which asks for how-come our bodies are unable to rid itself… Read more »

Lynn Wright
Lynn Wright
7 days ago

I recently read Imagine You Are An Aluminum Atom: Discussions With Mr. Aluminum by Prof. Chris Exley. Al in the brain very bad news – Alzheimer’s, M.S. Parkinson’s. Exley has examined brain tissue of those who have died from these diseases to find high amounts of Al. What really stuck with me is him telling about testing older, legacy v@xxines such as MMR, etc. for their Al content. He found the amount could vary as much as 50% from lot to lot, even from the same manufacturer. What was on the label did not necessarily represent what was in the… Read more »