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What is Safetyism?

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Cult of Covid.

Cult of Safetyism.

Safetyism is the cult of safety–an obsession with eliminating threats (both real and imagined) to the point at which people become unwilling to make reasonable trade-offs demanded by other practical and moral concerns. Safetyism deprives young people of the experiences that their antifragile minds need, thereby making them more fragile, anxious, and prone to see themselves as victims.


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There was no blood in Buffalo

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Alex Jones is still calling everything false flag. Why doesn’t he know about crisis actors? Deliberate this info is the reason.

[Infinite Plane Radio] “SPACE JUNK FALLS ON INDIA, HELTER SKELTER 2022”, iNFINITE PLANE RADIO 5/16/22 @realtimozman
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