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Markus Allen, [6/9/20 10:14 PM]
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Jewish Internet Defense Force

Paid shill compensation

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How Flesh Penetrating Sound Waves Could 3D Print Implants Directly Inside You

Mercury offgasing

Twin paradox

2023 NEW AUTONOMOUS Mercedes DRIVE?! Level 3 Autonomous

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Chris A.
Chris A.
21 days ago

I concur w AnOunceofSalt that your transmissions are my primary source of amusement. But more, I find you all a calming influence in your intelligent free thinking.

I too have taken a long time to catch up with your Live broadcasts, call it Brain Fog. But I’ve got it now: fakeologist. com/live

Grand Illusion
Grand Illusion
21 days ago

Markus Allen posited the idea that mercury/quick silver is good for us. Seriously? Is Markus Allen aware of mercury poisoning like mad hatter disease? This isn’t breaking news mercury poisoning exists en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erethism Markus, I don’t understand why mercury poisoning or mad hatter disease which screws up your nervous system would be a lie since the symptoms are similar to vaccine injuries where mercury is by a happy accident a “preservative” in vaccines. Wow, how did that work out? Mercury has been known for hundreds of years like with mad hatter disease to be toxic and the powers that be said… Read more »

Bob Czz
Bob Czz
25 days ago

ALL the oil and gas price increases are all done using fictitious and fabricated reasons. Nothing is true about it. Tiago is wrong about they are printing too much money, that is just more horseshit we are fed. The gas and oil prices are outrageous for many reasons, they never do something just for one thing. One reason is to push these new Hybrid and electric vehicles. We have enough oil that gas should really be around 50 cents a gallon if that. They work off lies and illusions. Thats their Mode of operandi for everything they do. I have… Read more »

Grand Illusion
Grand Illusion
25 days ago

Ab you were talking about the pumping out of the CONvid vaccine death stories and how a lot of them are probably fake stories. I agree with you. I think it’s smoke and mirrors. The purpose being to hide the damage these vaccines are doing long term to people’s hellth. I think one of the main objectives of the CONvid vaccines are to get the masses chronically sick so they have to depend on Big Harma and the transhumanist technologies. A weakening of the masses is the goal so they ask for the quack remedies. By the way, the audio… Read more »

Grand Illusion
Grand Illusion
25 days ago

Tiago was talking about marriage contract. It’s so unnecessary to get officially married. A complete con. Why can’t two people, man and woman be life partners without that crap? Why does it have to be made OFFicial by some hocus pocus marriage certificate with a CONtract? Armunn Righ on his most recent audio appearance fakeologist.com/blog/2022/04/1… said him and his partner have successfully been life partners for decades without the need to get the government goons involved.