Wakefield’s new movie Infertile

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AGAINST THE WIND WITH DR. -EPISODE 055 – GUESTS: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD, Film Director; Dr. Henry Ealy, Founder of, & Executive Community Director for, the Energetic Health Institute

20-06-20 by Thomas, MD

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LISTEN Share with your Friends & Family Show Notes: In his latest From the Heart segment, Dr. shares about the importance of energy and love as vital tools for health and healing in our personal relationships stemming from his participation in a cranial sacral therapy introductory course at the Washington Massage Therapy Association annual conference. We must allow love and energy to flow to our loved ones!

This week’s show features an interview with award-winning filmmaker and hero in the health freedom movement, Dr. Andy Wakefield. He joins to discuss a critical film he has co-produced called ‘Infertility, A Diabolical Agenda.’ The film documents the devastating results of a World Health Organization-driven population control experiment that has chilling implications for women worldwide. To learn more, visit infertilitymovie.org.

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