FAC1090-Markus After(Super)show-party

like this

Ab and Markus retire to the Livestream for a ‘party’. Rollo, Pepper and Fliegenfuerst join in.

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John le Bon
John le Bon
5 days ago

So Markus is proposing to give his listeners money?


How do I collect my money?

I’m one of the very few people who listen to the show (and most of the others only play it in the background, even Ab himself clearly isn’t paying attention half the time).

Surely I deserve the lion’s share of the monies.

4 days ago
Reply to  John le Bon

I listen too!

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
7 days ago

so rollo belives the t.v. footage of the towers collapse on 911 is real ,no rollo they were miniatures built by i.l,m.,24 years prior, and sold to children in a space narrative ,same characters though

so alot of the veteran fakeologists believe the footage is real ,or is it just rollo , im kidding

rollos a shill

ipiccy_image (4).jpg
images - 2022-06-15T082627.067.jpg
facts-about-r2d2-and-c3po (1).jpg
napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
8 days ago
Last edited 4 days ago by napoleon wilson
8 days ago

good chat. like what happens too often on even top tier truth channels, when important conversations get going, yet end prematurely for myriad reasons / excuses (some reasonable, some not), i wish more Fak calls would dive deeper into the real ´stuff´ like Markus and the gentleman at the end discussing history.

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
8 days ago
Reply to  dante

top tier truth doesnt matter since 311,its all scripted isnt it
.dante is there a place where people discuss alternative conspiracy theories

Last edited 8 days ago by napoleon wilson
Grand Illusion
Grand Illusion
8 days ago

Markus Allen was talking about the flaming tomb aka the Hindenburg Hoax. Two examples of predictive programming in the 1930s

Crashing a Zeppelin for Fun (May, 1931) from Modern Mechanix



Hell’s Angels movie (1930) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell%27s…