FAK566-Velocet and John le Bon

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JLB talks to Chris Kendall Jan 13 2020




FAK510: Stefan Verstappen


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napoleon wilson
1 month ago

1 month ago

I’ve never felt quite as bemused about low benchmarks until these two guests were interviewed by Ab. When I was thinking about how shallow and banal one could get, it occured to me that if you hold delusional beliefs such as these two, low benchmarks shouldn’t be surprising. I had not heard of Steve Kirsch or Hando till I listened to this show. They are both doing very different things. Can’t say I was impressed with Hando’s website though. The content is vain to say the least. Defnitely a few levels below a fakeologist perspective but maybe not for JLB’s… Read more »

John le Bon
1 month ago
Reply to  beevie

I mentioned during the call that the present-day fakeologist community is home to too many negative people, toxic people, shit people. I figured somebody in the comments would provide evidence for my assertions. Just didn’t expect it to be you, beevie.

1 month ago
Reply to  John le Bon

John, there has been progressions made here lately to curtail harassing and incendiary behaviour. People have been removed from the discord and standards have been put into place.

Secondly, John, with all due respect. When you came on the show and called people at Fakeologist ‘pieces of shit’. It made me think what actually is your benchmark for ‘negative’ behaviour? Truly. My comment is void of name calling and hasty generalisations, how does that even hold a candle to the venom you spat out in this episode?

1 month ago

I always enjoy when JLB calls in to Fakeo. He does an excellent job of bringing up many of the “problems” over the last few weeks of FAKs/FACs and Velo is an excellent sidekick to Ab. It’s sad that people have been hurt by the quackies but for the most part, they all did it to themselves. I’m not sure why Steve Kirsch is important. Ab asking JLB where Hando (a guy who’s published 3 books on COVID being a hoax) stands on the quax was kind of funny. I know he’s still hung up on this Covaids thing but… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  watermanchris

Covaids is not over in Canada … It can’t be until we’re flipped into the UN’s first post nation state.

1 month ago
Reply to  Fakeologist

Yes. I’ve heard the mantra but what’s the evidence for this? The restrictions are going away. Those dumb enough to take the injections will likely be hooked on them forever. Do you think they’re going to do more lockdowns? Why? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we had 19 years of Islamic bogeymen so this will likely stick around (i.e. new “viri”) for the same amount of time but as far as travel restrictions and lockdowns go, I think it’s over. Chris Kendall was on to the virus/vax hoax for a long time and made some… Read more »