FAC1111-Misom and Friends! (FRACC#1)

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Friday Afternoon Campfire Chat. Fakeologist.com is proud to present another audiochat featuring people like you chatting and broadcasting live, free of charge. This call features Misom, boogieman, Gaia, Ab the Fakeologist, Critical Syncer, babette, Dr fustercluck, Jonnycomelately and Graphene Lemming.

Please consider donating. Velocet 😉

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napoleon wilson
22 days ago

shanksville flight 93 inverted becomes flight 39 destiation somewhere over the rainbow

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transition-2 (5).jpg
september-9-11-ground-zero-gettyimages-1166177 (3).jpg
napoleon wilson
22 days ago

one of the first things that attracted me to abs open mindedness was when he went over penn and tellers cockroach trick ,that was a good explanation of how much time is devoted for an illusion ,that most of the time lasts only a few seconds september clues answered lots of questions and i am grateful to that layer of deception being highlited …….. i did however have my own questions like boogieman and with noone to ask i had to answer them myself ,it would be nice for someone to interview boogieman without just saying fake ,an explained trick… Read more »

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napoleon wilson
22 days ago

i answered all the boogiemans questions he asked ab myself over in telegram,i had asked myself these questions ,pretty straight forwards things you have to adress in order to solve the trick,none conflicts with i.l.m skill set at the time ,or my millenium fall-con when you see the trick(the models collapse) and time frame for conditioning ,people disappearing is not a mystery ,every masonic-legerdemain agency had to go along with it for it to work and probably had spooks all over including from other countries to make another allusion of people disappearing. this is more profitable than space or nukes… Read more »

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22 days ago

The Towers could have been bought down using a conventional controlled demolition. What’s important is the available time frame for the collapses to have happened.
IMHO the debate now, is what happened to real people who no longer exist after 9/11


napoleon wilson
22 days ago
Reply to  antipodean

they had to use controlled demolition, my problem is with clear evidence that a replica tower complex was filmed and demolished years ahead and sold subliminally to children dripfed the important images via a space trilogy, something that would separate the shills from the real fakeologists the 911 is fake posse does there bit in demoralisation ,the average person doesnt pick up on it ,but once you have solved 911,seeing these scum for what they are is easy the clear avoidance of studying any of my imagery is fun , a little obvious but fun, if trump annoys you buy… Read more »

Last edited 22 days ago by napoleon wilson