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20 days ago

Not totally fakeology related but you guys might like some of the info these guys talk about. I was mad on arthurian shit as a kid but these chaps are saying most of Britain’s history is lie.

20 days ago

I agree that most history, inc British, is not what we think.

Are they big on Comyns Beaumont though? They reference him in the first show I looked at. If you look into him, you will see he was a journalist, landed gentry, politically involved, etc and wrote crazy theories on British history. That rings bells for me.

20 days ago
Reply to  YouCanCallMeAl

Yeah, I wasn’t sure this channel would be of interest to fakeologists. They go into the work of Alan Wilson who was big a few decades ago. Some of it is of interest to me as a Brit with a deep interest in the shit that’s been written about our island but they don’t question enough. This guy is friends with Flat Earth British channel which is a kind of mud flood Tartraria type of channel….
But at least they’ve had some interesting things to say about the lies told about the Romans and Saxons in Britain.