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Ron Milazzo
5 days ago

Hey guys thanks … except very un-fakeolgistly mentioning global warming while not even considering the weaponized weather potential, but rather affirming the fake right stance…how is that even possible here?

napoleon wilson
13 days ago

What is the crashed Li-2 aircraft? The 1951 LOT Li-2 Tuszyn air disaster occurred on 15 November 1951 when a LOT Polish Airlines Lisunov Li-2 flew into power lines near Tuszyn, crashed and burst into flames. All 15 passengers and 3 crew died. It was the first LOT aircraft disaster since the end of World War II. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1951_LOT… Over the years, hopes continued that the more entwined relationship between the Russia and the West would loosen up the border. But they have been dashed by the Ukraine crisis “They’ve established a new Arctic command. They’re re-opening Cold-War-era bases here,” says Col Patrick… Read more »

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