FAC1118-Rick and Rollo

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Livingman and Velocet join to round out the old F.A.R.T. Podcast crew. Also featuring Moon Harvest, Sarahhhha, jonnyslist, Jonnycomelately and boogieman. Edit Note: Some excess songs where removed from the end of the recording.

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7 days ago

I never listened to the original FART podcast but can tell you all must have had good energy. I enjoyed what Velocet and Golden Skidmark added to this Rick and Rollo episode as well as Sarahhaa. Rollo and his continuing police and neighbor saga is hilarious, thanks for showing up to entertain.
I hope I didn’t miss anything after Boogieman showed up because I had to turn the show off, I just don’t listen to that guy.


napoleon wilson
7 days ago

i,m on a fart podcast

Last edited 7 days ago by napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
7 days ago
Reply to  Velocet

yes and it,s still annoys me,roundtable is one word.

napoleon wilson
5 days ago
Reply to  Velocet

well it fits the acronym,so you,ve solved that problem , you gonna revive the podcast