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6 days ago

Amazing confession! Of course, the best, most principled “leaders” get to the back of the line as a protest about racism! That sort of protesting is allowed, but to protest over one’s bodily autonomy, not so much.

Still, I have to wonder why we are seeing this. Don’t elites have doctors to sign them off on this stuff, or something? Why are hearing about it at all? Is this a prop for some future scene? Or are we meant to be convinced that all doctors are handing out the same “treatment”? Just confusing…

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6 days ago

Well, it comes as no surprise to me that neither he nor any of the other bigwigs would have allowed that stuff in their bodies. Why should they? They know as well as I do that they would just be poisoning themselves and nobody’s going to coerce them to be stabbed to keep their job, to travel, or whatever. It’s never been a challenge for little me going through life without ever having had any sort of “vaccination” (except that for some time there during the last couple of years, I could not fly internationally, but I wasn’t going to… Read more »

7 days ago

So, Tedros did not get the vaccination. That seems like a critical piece of insight that the whole world should know about. It does not take much to infer that Fauci, Gates, or any of them got the shot. If they did it was placebo. They know there is no such thing as viruses and would never knowingly poison themselves. Great find Ab. By the way, I am starting to see a lot of people at work calling out sick. Some on my own team. My next door neighbor just got a liver transplant. He does not drink and I… Read more »

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