Do Fakeologists appreciate Sync?

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The Australian Saturday evening audiochat, destined to become The Rick and Rollo Show, ended up running for 10+ hours. This is a little much for the website and podcast to handle without severely damaging audio quality. The go-to move is to split the audio into two digestable chunks. Since there are so many lineup changes with members filtering in and out, I scrub through the recording to find a place where the initial crowd are leaving, cap the R&R show there, and the rest becomes an aftercall of sorts.

After publishing this week’s audio, I was loading the masters onto the replay feed and noticed that my chosen split point was halfway through the 10+ hour chat. Not just halfway, but exactly halfway – like, within 14 seconds halfway. Two audio files: 5hrs 17mins each!

Immediately after FAC1119! – Are we in some weird mirror image reality, or what?

The norm with Rick and Rollo is to spin a record every ~40 mins or so to add even more zing and pep to the show. The first song, at Rick’s request, was “The Shuffle Man” by Robyn Hitchcock. I had never heard this song before and, if pressed, would have guessed it was released during the post-punk era. As it turns out, Robyn Hitchcock is indeed an English pop/punk musician from way back, but this is a brand new single from his 2022 album Shufflemania, due out in October. I looked up the song to save it to my ‘new discoveries’ playlist and then the bigger sync revealed itself in the artwork.

*cat wink* -Velocet

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1 month ago

That is nuts mate! Great sync.

Loving the extra effort on the text descriptions too, it’s appreciated.

dave j
dave j
1 month ago

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1 month ago

Beyond fascinating, Velo. It seems that synchronicities are potentially available and visible to all, yet only a few have the eyes to see. They Live.

I would be very interested to hear what your model of this reality is to explain this.

“If there are too many coincidences, it means there is no coincidence.”