FAK589-Tiago/Frank roundtable

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Tiago renames his facebook group and doubles his members.


Uncle Odd calls in – how do we stop the injected from continuing the poisoning?

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1 month ago

Great show and interesting discussion. Personally, we did not inoculate our children 36 years ago. We could convince no one to do the same. The only families we impacted as the years went on were our own two children and two families with whom we had close relationships.They trusted us and observed our children growing up healthy and normal.
The brainwashing today is exponentially more intense so it doesn’t look like many are switching teams.

1 month ago

I love Ab’s point, that do we even want the people who are poisoning themselves and are dragging everyone down? I don’t want people poisoning themselves and would tell them not to, but I also have to respect their right to do what they want. The problem is that they don’t respect my right to do what I want – more people are fine with forcing and coercing others. The deeper issue is that most of those I people don’t have any principles – they will both say they respect everyone’s rights to do what they want AND want the… Read more »

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