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We discuss K-Pop pedophilia, transgender agenda, the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner.

Viking Helga calls in.

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1 month ago

Found a good version on the internet which can be zoomed in.
This photo features the sculpture installed in a grotto.
Apparently it is now in the garden at Versailles. 

1 month ago

, I heard you mention you were a fan of toronto radio. Did you ever listen to A Biew From Space with Gary Bell ? I wonder what your opinion of him is? Thx.

napoleon wilson
1 month ago

that was so sweet and lovely father and daughter ,i can see a bright future for that young lady,
have you played one of these kpop songs yet ,or are they so forgettable it didnt register,try pink floyd

i,m really interested in viking helgas early computer exploits ,

images - 2022-08-25T212806.259.jpg
1 month ago

Korea sounds like a mess of a country. Eg just today I read this: www.bloomberg.com/news/article… 0.81 birth rate. Childhood sounds intense, with lots of essential extra curricular lessons, huge expectation re hours at work, little or no possibility for most to ever buy a house (I know that is the same elsewhere, but perhaps esp intense there). People live the country because its so expensive, apparently. You’d think that things would be cheaper with less youth coming through, but no. And then I wonder about the kpop bands – the groups often have lots of members.. I’m no expert at… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  YouCanCallMeAl
  • people LEAVE the country