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Grand Illusion
Grand Illusion
1 month ago

Ab was discussing how autoimmune is a misnomer and that if you have an autoimmune disease the body doesn’t attack itself but is instead trying to get rid of poison. I know someone with Alopecia (vaccine injury), totally hairless head to toe who has been this way for 30+ years. Probably got it from the ramped up vaccine schedule thanks to Ronald Regan absolving the Vaccine manufacturers from financial liability in 1986 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National… With Alopecia, sometimes patches of hair fall out permanently or the whole body is hairless permanently. It seems the body views the hair follicle as the… Read more »

napoleon wilson
1 month ago

600 wow!! top having a guest is awesome but not the biggest deal breaker,i think you should start to interview the veteran fakeologists that post in the blog i,d be much more interested in hearing what the folks who read the blog have to say , get some of the older fakeologists back if possible ,the audiochatters never adresses the blog or evidence of anything as i said years ago. i love the new voices but they don,t read the blog either ,so pretty useless due to that. i do like the monologues though ,and that goes for anyone ,the… Read more »