FAK601-John Lukach and Emmanuel Stone

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Emmanuel has inventions and solutions from Ohio, and is talking about helping those injured by the covaids vax.

  1. www.EstateArtistry.com/blog
  2. rumble.com/v1ga1e5-dr.-merritt…
  3. disk.yandex.com/i/dEnbWg23_h9i…
  4. disk.yandex.com/i/EcLRNV_xIoY-…
  5. 93 year old man- disk.yandex.com/i/4ZXOFH0V0V2O…
  6. 10 seconds after start of treatment- disk.yandex.com/i/KU7B8unljekX…
  7. Day six, walking and healed- disk.yandex.com/i/mUHZ5Mi1hmWd…
  8. Day six, walking and healed- disk.yandex.com/i/gRbz2DDnt5aQ…
  9. Generate Electricity with Peltier Module – The Seebeck Effect www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC16Mw…
  10. fakeologist.com/blog/2020/06/2…
  11. I have patent pending on this tech- disk.yandex.com/i/B00leZ_fcTvN…
  12. on 75% water in my Garage- disk.yandex.com/i/dMcUqvRV786c…
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Note in Poombah

Here is a great writing from Eric Coppolino detailing several reasons why I REFUSE to share any work from Poornima Wagh. She does not seem genuine, her credentials are sketchy, she has been pushed to the forefront of the virus debate over others who have been in this fight longer, and for some reason can’t be properly vetted.

If we are trying to put forth the best information, we need to be looking at ALL angles.

Just because a newcomer is singing the message we all want to hear very loudly, it does not mean they have the best of intentions.

The powers-that-be know that they cannot keep a lid on the virus narrative much longer. It’s crumbling before their eyes, and in order to get ahead of it, they will need to infiltrate the movement in order to discredit it.

I don’t care what doctor or which truther supports her. It is important not to base all of what we do on the actions of others who seem to be ‘smarter’. We can ALL recognize patterns and sniff out bullshit.

Eyes open!


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1 month ago

Interesting conversation


Tylenol is a registered name for paracetamol
Willow bark contains natural salicylates, aspirin
While both antipyretic and analgesic these are two different compounds

1 month ago

I love chats like this. Once I realized the extent of fraud present (and possibly present) in modern science, the tales of inventors who came up with world changing technologies took on a whole new light to me. If even one of these inventions were found to be true, the only question that needs to be asked is how do you get it out there? We are aware of how all forms of media are controlled, how energy is controlled, and the true nature of government, so what would it actually take to do it? Would everything crash? Would there… Read more »

1 month ago

Very enjoyable listen, I hope some of what Emmanuel Stone says is true – and absolutely agree with Ab, he would be best releasing (some? of) his technology to the public – for his safety, but also to allow others to verify it.