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29 days ago

Uncle Epic, when questioned about Weiss (911 liar) and Jeran (scammer), just brushed over it and said “JLB doesn’t like them”. That’s not what JLB said at all. JLB recounted a story about Jeran allegedly scamming someone and Weiss (during an episode of BESR) preventing JLB from bringing it up. The implication was that Weiss and Jeran may have been involved with Uncle’s fleecing by the TDV crew on the dero pump and dump. They were front and center in Uncle’s recounting of the event. Uncle Epic definitely didn’t want to hear it but it was obvious to anybody listening… Read more »

dave j
dave j
29 days ago
Reply to  watermanchris

J l b gets too close to these con artists even when he’s been warned about them years ago I put out videos on both of those characters years ago when they were false witnessing death. As far as the uncle odd character goes the only reason he’s sticking around is because he pays for it he pays for the microphone he is a worthless slob. The only way you stay in the Discord group is if you do not go against the homosexual moderators. There is no room for any discussion of Truth within the group the so-called fakeologist… Read more »