FAC1139-Frank and beevie

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Continuing on from THX1138, anounceofsaltperday and beevie chat with Boogieman, SMJ and Uncle “Vig”, mostly about Markus Allen, and all supervised by Ab the Fakeologist. Misom joins towards the end to have a heated debate with Frank before he heads off to bed.

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22 days ago

that was not a heated debate it was a screaming match, absolutely NO value in that chat and same for all that are being conducted by boogieman. Everything he complained about Marcus I could say about Boogie as well. He is a liar, off his rocker and a whiner at best he is an insecure child in desperate need of attention at worst he is a working troll trying to get the server taken down with his constant racist words and leading folks to other topics on the banned list.