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James McCumiskey is a researched from Belfast, Northern Ireland

  1. amzn.to/3q8SqFO
  2. amzn.to/3QbXIuF
  3. amzn.to/3BaHRsb
  4. matthewehret.substack.com/
  5. www.gnmonlineseminars.com/biog…

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23 days ago

1:07 Matt Ehret is married to Cynthia Chung. And Jay Dyer is married to someone or other. Conspiracy power couples. Who go on Tim Kelly’s show. Nice and tidy.

Cynthia Chung is the lady who cannot conceive of Helen Keller being a hoax. Fwiw, I wrote about my exchanges with Cynthia on the Helen Keller is a hoax thread here :


26 days ago

In my opinion, James hits the bullseye in regard to money. The unit of currency, provided it is difficult to make forgeries of, is unimportant. The critical aspect of money to any one cooperative collective is the rules by which money is created, distributed and destroyed WITHIN the collective. This means that all money should be directly under the control of the governing body of the collective. “Fairness” of money is then a direct consequence of the mechanism by which the governing body of the collective gains its control of the collective.