FAK607-Uncle Vigilante on Epic cash

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1 Motivational Intro: youtu.be/TBuIGBCF9jc

2 From the Turkish Motivational file: share.icloud.com/photos/0fbyGC…

3 From the BTC Transparent Blockchain File: twitter.com/rizzn/status/15665…

4 From the “Right Idea, Wrong Coin” file: Michael Saylor “Waiting for Bitcoin” twitter.com/saylor/status/1566…

5 From the Nostradamus file (Michael Saylor’s future job): share.icloud.com/photos/032nJT…

6 From the Self-Identification file: Bank of America is SO 2008! www.nbcnews.com/business/consu… Not black? No problem. Just say, “I self-identify as black.” #woketards

7 From the monetizing your file:

8 From the is FAF file: share.icloud.com/photos/019VFb…

9 From the Swinging By The Neck file: www.gbnews.uk/news/scottish-mo…
Responsibility. At what point, if ever, will people be held responsible for what’s gone on these past 3 years?

10 From the Collapse of Civilization file, let’s go to Vox Day: The Inevitable End of Empire (voxday.net/2022/09/05/the-inev…)

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