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18 days ago

Is anyone up for this INTELLIGENCE TEST? 🙂 cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?…

Simon Shack
20 days ago

Dear all, I’ll just post a few links here which should help provide answers to some of the questions submitted to me in this comment section. For instance:   “How and why would these videos be fake? Was this not the scene at ground zero after two massive sky scrappers were brought down in Manhattan? Looks like what you would expect right? If Simon Shack is going to say these are fabricated, then how so? CGI? That isn’t plausible in 2001 given the CGI tech for humans. Will Simon say it’s Actors and Hollywood? Where is this being filmed if… Read more »

Last edited 20 days ago by simonshack
napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
20 days ago

tell you what lets ask all you lot ,you think judy wood went into court with sega saturn or playstation cgi images ,or did she go in with 360 degree bullet time images of the miniatures i pointed out years ago

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
17 days ago

psi-nema osmosis is tight

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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
20 days ago

i,m replying to smj here, it just took me fucking ages to reply and cos i,m an illiterate fuck it logged me out and wiped all the fun stuff. smj wrote Baby yoda also believes that maybe miniatures were used for the footage that was released years later of course. I reckon the problem is he doesn’t like your director of choice. He’s obviously a fan. It’s all good though, perchance I reckon. the father of …… yeah george lucas the director of the turn and inventor of the toys are off limits , not to mention the trilogy,s characters,… Read more »

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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
22 days ago

3F40426D-AFC2-E9BD-CBE8029370CE29FE (2).jpg
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