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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
22 days ago

24 hour news ,radiation ,hydrogen bombs , olivia neutron bomb , ricks theory on kubrick films needs fleshing out please, it sounds logical ,so the info more the merrier

white coats with black hats,EXPERT Meaning: “having had experience; skillful,” from Old French expert, espert “experienced, practiced, skilled” 

Last edited 22 days ago by napoleon wilson
22 days ago

Interesting that Rick was talking about the German cars, if the English hate German engineering, why was the Queen transported in a Mercedes Hearse? and what car was Diana supposedly killed in? Funny that.

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
22 days ago

song the gents played out with ,including the dove and towers towards the end ,very blade runner

born of frustration , james
James are an English rock band from Manchester = be told !!!, who were formed in 1982. … They had popularity throughout the 1990


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