FAC1152-Tiago on Died Suddenly in the news

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Is Died Suddenly still online? Why does the BBC say it’s down?

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John le Bon
16 days ago

This is some classic Fakeologist audiochat. Ab is trying to get an update on Tiago’s facebook page, then Rollo rocks up drunk AF with little to no idea of what is going on, and proceeds to take over the conversation. Rollo explains that he has already consumed two litres of vodka for the day, despite Ab saying he doesn’t want to hear about Rollo’s alcoholism on this call. Then we get a cameo from Boogieman who wants to complain about receiving ‘death threats’ on the fakeo discord server, so Ab decides to boot him from the call. What happened to… Read more »

Last edited 16 days ago by John le Bon
napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
16 days ago
Reply to  John le Bon

boogiemans a big girls blouse