Dismantling the COVID Pageant: Dr John Bergman and Dr Tim O’Shea

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Dismantling the COVID Pageant: Dr John Bergman and Dr Tim O’Shea

20-09-13 by DR TIM

Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/1451…
Episode: www.buzzsprout.com/948676/1131…

This interview introduces a rare, uncensored dialog on what has really happened behind the scenes these past 2 years. And now the clumsy dismantling and cancellation. Includes references to RFK’s new book, Fauci’s seizure of power, the actual science behind COVID and the vaccines, certified of deaths and injuries, citations from thedoctorwithin, and what we can expect for ourselves and our children, coming next.. Any idea how many have died from COVID vaccine so far? Here are the true numbers. This video is a summary of the August newsletter. See #1 below. Please subscribe, download and share. REFERENCES 1. August 20 Newsletter. Review of RFK”s The Real Anthony Fauci. thedoctorwithin.com/newsletter… 2. Dr John Bergman. drBvip.com 3. The COVID Pageant. 12 video series. thedoctorwithin.com/propaganda… 4. The Doors of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything.
thedoctorwithin.com/fake-news-… 5. Newsletter Archive thedoctorwithin.com/newsletter… 6. Vaccination is not immunization.
thedoctorwithin.com/product/va… 7. How Many Deaths from COVID vaccine? www.bitchute.com/video/618AnQT…

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