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11 days ago

Great guest, should be a regular.

11 days ago

Lez is a real old-school fakeologist. Great to hear his pensees. He touched on GCHQ. My theory is that that the MI’s and GCHQ are huge film and news creating studios, exporting their products and expertise, around the world, manufacturing psy-ops and staged events to steer and amuse the population. Those who work there are either trapped by NDAs or believe that lying is for the greater good [of whom?] My own question is how far out from the centre does the group of those ‘in the know’ extend. There must be politicians and media chiefs who know that the… Read more »

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
11 days ago
Reply to  xileffilex

thats exactly the scenario i think the cuban missile crisis was , to weed out the nuke naysayers ,and coldwar realists lol,anyway good post

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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
12 days ago

theres alot of predictive programming in Christopher No-lens TENET .wizard 3 piece fo mindful,s stephers made lots of comparisons ,but if anyone ever takes No-lens catalogue of films into account and uses oz schema will shit themselves. oppenheimer is No-lens latest Vladimir Putin is an old man scared of death trying to turn back time. Ukraine and Ukrainians are as his blood sacrifice. His invasion of their country is his attempt to forestall his personal, inevitable demise. As we grow older, death becomes harder to ignore. As it approaches it’s natural to want to reverse time. We become nostalgic, a little bitter about the present. As… Read more »

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