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napoleon wilson
2 months ago

it not a case of being a twat and calling people shills , lets replace information with clothing or food ,well we don,t get it all in one place ,you can and it,s repeated all over fashion has stalled for nearly 20 years as has thinking ,unless you count escape ,ooh theres really good thinking gone into that little allusion ,tryying to escape ,fucking cowards oz clave ,some grow their own food ,research)with skills they pick up ,some have specific places to get food from trusted farmers, right but now the sanctioned truth has been weaponised with a demented old… Read more »

napoleon wilson
2 months ago

so this chap won,t come on fakeologist, haha

maybe it,s the fecking crypto muppet bragging about tony blair or christski videos ,perhaps the fags and judy wood or the jew boys posting N.W.A ,


go off script and you won,t get the script readers

i,ll say it again

american childrens favourite spaceship toy is a 911 golem.

napoleon wilson
2 months ago

he,s done a video on christski

this chaps growing on me ,mind you this world takeover relies on you knowing the script and recognizing the the incursions on your freedom and what reasons they give.

priming your brain with fear ,change the script or atleast go off it

Graphene Lemming
Graphene Lemming
2 months ago

Thanks Ab, a very interesting video. What channel is he from?

napoleon wilson
1 month ago


john hutchenson playing the sorcerors apprentice

androids don,t sleep

psi fi and fantasy


ipiccy_image (29).jpg
ipiccy_image (30).jpg
Last edited 1 month ago by napoleon wilson