Why the new fake events are so bad

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According to Miles Mathis: mileswmathis.com/latunski.pdf

There is a lot more I could do here, but it gets tedious after a while. These fakes are all the same, and I have proved that by researching literally hundreds of them. Let me just exit this event by saying the new fake events are even more poorly constructed than the old ones, and I see some signs of hope in that. Whenever a company is about to go bankrupt, all discipline evaporates and the employees lose all respect for the hierarchy. The little work that gets done is very sloppy, because no one honors the code anymore. Well, the same thing happens in THE Company, the CIA, where it is clear the drones are just punching the clock and collecting a paycheck, but don’t believe in the work. They not only see the work as a big joke, they see it as unnecessary and degrading. Some see it as immoral and a few see it as what it is: evil. These are top graduates asked to write copy that isn’t even as rewarding as The Onion copy. It isn’t as clever as old Mad Magazine copy. They would have more fun writing for National Lampoon, and could look at themselves in the mirror in the morning without barfing up their breakfast.

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napoleon wilson
2 months ago

american childrens favourite toy is a 911 golem ,the millenium falcon

some folks think 911 was shabby , no more so than all truthers being shabby ,

star wars or america ?

the folks your relying on for truth chose poorly

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Last edited 2 months ago by napoleon wilson
2 months ago

The faked events are so bad because they are meant to be recognized as fake.
Post 2012, they started sticking in easter eggs into stories. Presumably for more engagement.
You can’t have a reset without a great awakening.

napoleon wilson
2 months ago

so why is 911 off limits to the pretend truthers like houseclowns and masons and the usual suspects, because the truth about 911 is not meant to come out whilst the snivveling masonic fucks we have been in communication with for years are still chatting shit .

think miles is full of sshit also , in fact most are just platespinners ,some spin more plates than others.

Last edited 2 months ago by napoleon wilson