Who is the Oakville HS man with the fake big boobs?

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Why aren’t we getting his real story (from him)?

Maybe this is why.

Sorry, off track, but I was interested in Kayla Lemieux pictured here since NO ONE could identify her:

Who is the transgender with the prosthetic breasts? So I did some digging…. this one is for TUCKER!

He is the Manufacturing Technology teacher at Trafalgar High school in Oakville his real name is Chuck Woods.

This was difficult to find since the high school website deleted its staff directory.

Member of the Grand lodge of the A.F. and A.M. of Canada in Ontario. They have a partnership with Brock University. Charles Woods is also the CHAIRMAN of “ Education” within the order.


H/t Jacois

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5 months ago

More Easter eggs and bread crumbs.