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napoleon wilson
1 month ago

someone make a nice post about masons and the jewish connection , not a gene hackman film i,m afraid ,

moonwatcher the gullible ape sat in the new york basin staring up at solomons temple in the sky which only appeared 33 years later on sep 11 2001 , cant say that if your a mason

Last edited 1 month ago by napoleon wilson
1 month ago

Is Kanye going to debate Ben Shapiro and Brett Weinstein on the Joe Rogan show once Elon buys Twitter? What will Jordan Peterson say? Is Kanye going to come out with a Crypto?

It’s all BS. That whole network has been having a great time over the past few years with all of the SJW Frankfurt school fake drama they have whipped up. Just trying to swing that pendulum.

napoleon wilson
1 month ago

good point dr
we don,t get them names over the pond to whip up a frenzy ,were not immune no we get masons that call themselves truthers and keep spinning plates , i say masons , i truly mean the the script readers and paid sycophants it is to sink america via masons selling out their neighbours ,these dumb fucks know they sold out and still trying to justify it , now china wants some to quarantine for 10 years lol, masons and the fake truthers have been doing that since 911………….

Grand Illusion
Grand Illusion
1 month ago

At around the 1 hour and 18 minute mark, Ab asked Tim Ozman if Michael J Fox is faking Parkinson’s Disease. Also he talked about Magic Johnson and Michael J Fox being in the medical celebrity program (MCP). Celebutards that fake disease. Magic Johnson is a joke. He has an alleged virus (HIV) but looks fat and happy. How does that work out? He had to get an offer to sell HIV and AIDS as real. The guy’s name is Magic. It’s a telling. He’s hoaxing us. Like Tim Ozman said, Rush Limbaugh questioned Michael J. Fox faking Parkinson’s disease.… Read more »