FAK639-Rambo of Real Eyes Radio

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Warning: spotty audio from guest

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napoleon wilson
1 month ago

tigers hat with a magnet logo ,actually matches the shot too

rach,s muppet show rubber prosthetics research,


Last edited 1 month ago by napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
1 month ago

rambo choppy audio you manc weirdo it cleared up a little ,but i am now accustomed to fakeologist prime audio quality,hahahaa

yes testimonial balls ,being a manchester boy i have heard of special balls being bought back ,never equated it to magic till some of the truthers pointed out the mirracles in golf, and subsequently the basketball shots

get your mic fixed fella ,says me who,s inaudible in text

Last edited 1 month ago by napoleon wilson
dave j
dave j
1 month ago

this guy sounds like a carbon copy of that dipshit Lez LuTHOR