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Frank does some solo speaking, Derek from RI joins in near the end with Rick.
We talk Epic cash, crypto, and the upcoming CBDC.

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22 days ago

Franks analysis and conclusion that bitcoin is essentially an exchange and acting as the new master slave coin… was bang on imo.

dave j
dave j
27 days ago

I really did not think that AB was that naive. Unless it’s an act and if it’s an act it’s a very poor one AB you might want to look at the spiritual aspect of this existence For example cryptocurrency how many different versions of the greenback the dollar bill can be can be used to purchase within the United States the answer is one. This was not always the case there was State and even City in town currencies however they will all be replaced. So then on one hand you talk about the universal currency going crypto and… Read more »

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dave j
dave j
27 days ago

Good open frank. Voice of an ?

26 days ago
Reply to  dave j

A living man that prays to the Creator for protection from the spirits of the corrupted flesh that, having not been written into the book of life, have no resting place.