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Fakeologist is a multimedia website focused on discussion of media fakery. Much of my personal development as an independent thinker, researcher and content creator circa 2014 – 2016 can be traced back to my interaction with the Fakeologist platform and its users. On this page I will give my own take on Fakeologist as it exists today.


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dave j
dave j
7 days ago

I would really like to KNOW how he has been tied to all the Character’s over the Years, “jeff C” ‘Tim OZ” etc and so forth and Not be “one” of them. (the Latest Crew, Murph, Ayz, Lezlie Luthor. Human Vibration, etc”) Also I would like to hear from his mouth if he is or is not an antichrist. (AN) not (the) MAKE sure this is so that he does not come back with a stupid answer about horns etc,,,Just the Fact yes or no. I have seen him around many KNOWN shills over the years. For as much as… Read more »

Last edited 7 days ago by dave j