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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
1 month ago

another fantastic chat ,the smoking ban part was interesting ,i have heard different rumours as to where that solution came from ,actually heard it came from a study into the affects of new diesel on the lungs way back in the 90s,

anyway a great chat again


napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
1 month ago

i’m only an hour in ,i love this guy i can tell he aint happy ,rock on alan !! neither am i ab showing someone something ,so they can see it with their own eyes ,in reference to the carbon credit comment from harmon is not proof they are gonna do something ,or finish their evil plan yes cOz is the bad guy now on display ,but that was the third page of the script , so it’s never about caring ,it.s always about scaring . carbon credit and crypto are the same in the long run . and this… Read more »

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[…] FAK674-Alan Mercer of canadianliberty.com […]

Last edited 1 month ago by napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
1 month ago

alan don’t take abs pessimism too seriously ,he’s been hanging round with the crypts ,and he need’s a good pipe of hopium .