FAK709-Uncle Epic

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  1. t.me/EpicAb500CoinGiveaway
  2. fake11.com/epic
  3. fake11.com/epic1
  4. fake11.com/epic2
  5. fake11.com/epic3
  6. fake11.com/epic4
  7. Uncle Vigilante – YouTube
  8. Brighteon Broadcast News, April 17, 2023 – FIAT DATE WITH FATE: The entire financial system will soon be OBSOLETE — The Health Ranger Report — Overcast
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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
1 month ago

i’d like the lads and lassies that got involved in this giveaway to give us an update ,are there any in the discord tha want to,or have any fakeologists taken up the chance .

i am interested in seeing the new clever apes take on conspiracies ,and all that jazz

and if i recall ,todd said they are going to need all the epic coin holders to raise funds for an upcoming hurdle or level of excellence ,is this normal for crypto and what the fuck does it mean

Last edited 1 month ago by napoleon wilson
1 month ago

It means “trust me I’m a doctor. Oh, and about that payment.”

1 month ago

Why does this man persistently laugh for no apparent reason?

dave j
dave j
1 month ago
Reply to  Vespadouglas

he is a character.