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How do you moderate over 400,000 negative comments?

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I’d turn them off, since it seems everyone despises Bill Hates.

BILL GATES: the world has got your number… and they are dialing it RIGHT NOW. #timesup

Bill Gate’s Instagram has exploded with negative comments. He is having a team manage them and delete them but the inundation is so great they can’t keep up. His instagram is below. CHECK IT OUT.…

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What’s up top doc?

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Don’t ask BC’s “top doctor” what to do if your patients are suffering adverse quaxxine reactions.

No, they are not side effects. They are primary effects.

Doctors need to honor their oath, just like any other public servant who swears one before God.

They will be judged.

He then lambasted the Chief Medical Officer of B.C asking her bluntly in his letter “Do you have any suggestions as to how I should treat the vaccine-induced neuromuscular weakness, the dizziness, the sensory loss, and the chronic pain syndromes in these people, or should they all be simply referred to a neurologist?” He concluded his thought by saying that he anticipated that “many more will follow as the vaccine is rolled out” – noting that this was only phase one and the first dose.… -vaccine/

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Oracle of Fauci

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Mark this in your book of the future that you bury.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—An intercepted transmission that appears to be from the year 2739 shows footage of Dr. Anthony Fauci — or rather, just his head, which has been preserved in a jar. In the video from the future, Fauci says it’s still not safe to go outside, go to movie theaters, or eat indoors.

“Honestly, even if you’ve been immunized and are quadruple-masking, per current recommendations, I don’t think I would risk it,” he said. “Although we eradicated the virus some seven centuries ago, we can’t be too careful. We must remain vigilant.”…

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Chris Sky on

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Mark Grizzly explains UNDRIP and how Canada, the first post nation state, allows for an undefined superclass indigenous to be created in law about to be passed. This is how the nation will be destroyed and submit to global rule.

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Lombardy problem

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Simon asks:

Dear friends, I think it’s time to ask yourself the following (even if Facebook censors don’t like it): but if both the same ?? Covid virus ?? and the ?? Covid vaccine ?? cause thrombosis, it wouldn’t be possible to do 2 + 2 = 4? Let’s remember the ecatombe of elderly people in Lombardy in the early months of 2020. Well, in the fall / winter of 2019 there was an unprecedented massive flu vaccination campaign (with what was then described as ?? a new type of quadrivalent vaccine ?? ) – just in and around Lombardy. It was then established, when some autopsy (initially prohibited) were finally performed, that these poor people were – mostly – dead of thrombosis. And now, with the new ?? Covid vaccines “, we die of thrombosis (and unfortunately, even as young people) around the world – within a few days of inoculation. How is it possible that no one notices this?

Source: (2) Simon Shack | Facebook

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