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Jo and Josh visit the treehouse.

Livingman and Rick talk about the moon landing hoax perpetrated by Stanley Kubrick.

Also Anounceofsaltperday, Velocet

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FAK559-Markus Allen roundtable

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Markus Allen, [6/23/2022 9:54 PM]
The Markus Allen Show

Landing2022 – “Confidential”

Frank McManus

Tiago’s Facebook Group…

The Billionaire Family Pushing Synthetic Sex Identities (SSI)…

The Billionaires Behind the LGBT Movement…

The Stryker Corporation and the Arcus Foundation: Billionaires Behind The New ‘LGBT’ Movement

The Stryker Corporation and the Arcus Foundation: Billionaires Behind The New ‘LGBT’ Movement

50,000 Errors and Biblical contradictions…

DONALD DUCK: The Spirit of ’43

America: Freedom to Fascism – Full. – YouTube

Greater Fool – Authored by Garth Turner

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The truth is well hidden

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Generally speaking, all the great events have been distorted, most of the important causes concealed, some of the principal characters never appear, and all who figure are so misunderstood and misrepresented, that the result is a complete mystification, and the perusal of the narrative about as profitable as reading the Republic of Plato or the Utopia if More.…

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Now this is a Lady

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Brilliant interview with Patrick and Martin. A must listen. More than just revisionist talk.

98RCB Lady Michèle Renouf talks about the state sponsored persecution of historical revisionists

2022-05-05 by Radio Cui Bono

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Participating in this episode are Patrik, Martin, Danijel, Linda Karlström and our guest Lady Michèle Renouf . If you enjoy and want to support our work you can send a donation to SEB 5708 35 378 01

1)Intro, Douglas Christie Thoughts on the release of Ernst Zundel…

2)In this episode we had the honor to be joined by Lady Michèle Renouf a former beauty queen who followed her conscience and got involved in historical revisionism in the late 1990s and since then has been a strong voice for getting the message out to the public what happens if you question the official narrative in particular historical events. During her time as revisionist she has met and got acquainted with many of the famous names within this scene such as David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Ursula Haverbeck, Horst Mahler, Ernst Zundel, Sylvia Stolz, Monica Schaefer, Alfred Schaefer, Jürgen Graf and many more. During a visit in Dresden, Germany in 2018 she made an unprepared speech of 10 minutes for which she later got prosecuted and risked a 5 year prison sentence for. Fortunately the prosecuting side later dropped the case and Michèle thinks it was because during the trial she would have had several opportunities to speak her mind to a broader public and they didn’t want her to get out with her message on such a big platform. This is just a few of the topics that were covered in this 3 hour long interview.

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