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We love feedback – clot shot news

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Hello Fakeolegist, Thank you for letting me know you received the donation. I really appreciate all you do. I know you asked each guest if they know anyone who has suffered from the jab, well I just wanted to let you know what I have seen. I work at the post office and have 700 houses I delivered to. When the jab first came out and seniors were given according to age, in the first month 8 of my customer died 6 died of heart attack 1 of a blood clot 1 of cancer and 2 others had strokes. Never have I ever seen that many people die in such a short time. Everyone at the post office noticed it, and that was just my route, But nobody thought it was the jab, except me but I couldn’t say anything ,everyone at my post office are fully jabbed believers. Actually I have seen more people die in the last 2 years , and have never seen so many people sick. Just last Monday a neighbour found her sister dead in her home, my nieces step daughter only 27 died from a blood clot on her lung on New Year’s Day. My friends husband had a stroke caused by a large blood clot at the base of his brain. In November A lady on the mail route had a blood clot in her bowel and the doctors operated thinking it was fixable but the clot had restricted all blood,so the bowel had died which caused her death. These are just a few, and have other people noticed the amount of people that have died in their sleep. Before the jab I might have heard of two in my lifetime, in just the last year there were 4. I really think people were poisoned and more are sick and dying.I’m not jabbed but was of course of work for months. Most of my family is thought because they couldn’t work without it. And I’m very concerned for them. Thank you for letting me have this rant I have been wanting to do this for awhile!
Nancy if you want to chime in.

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Greg Shantz and Dave J call in.

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  5. Dave J:
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Turtles all the way down

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Vaccine skeptics all around the world are becoming becoming vaccine rejectionists.

Ron Unz, a former skeptic of vaccine critics, is forced to reconsider his instinctive pro-vaccine position:…

Turtles All The Way Down Vaccine Science and Myth (Anonymous) (

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FAK665-Chester Brown

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You never know who’s out there looking at fakeologist. Chester is quite the interesting character.

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Why the governors want you autistic

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Brain damaged people are no threat to the power structure and are also dependents of the state.

Too bad Miles didn’t mention Andrew Moulden. He describes that adjuvants cause increased white blood cell flow to the cranial nerves, which stops red blood cells from the micro vascular tissues which leads to end vascular ischemia.

When these nerves stop working then normal senses stop being controlled, which we call autism.

Andrew Moulden on fakeotube

Read Miles Mathis’ papers

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FAK664-Lark and Jenna on Communitarianism

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  2. Communitarian Buzzwords
    sustainable ANYTHING /
    animal or earth rights /
    goals larger than self /
    as above, so below /
    balance / balancing /
    values / best use /
    democratic process /
    citizen participation /
    citizen responsibilities /
    civil society values /
    protecting the future /
    climate change / action /
    community rights /
    community building /
    rule by consensus /
    civic organizations /
    economic engine / safety /
    principles & aesthetics
    full-blown fear /
    change / transformation
    human rights / assets
    asset-based development
    peace / social justice
    justice / important values
    livability / health / safety
    microcosm /macrocosm
    privacy / transformation
    new sense of commitment
    new sense of volunteerism
    sustainable communities
    environmental stewardship
    quality of life / ethics
    rights / responsibilities
    crime prevention
    stakeholder councils
    green tech / sustainability
    terror / terrorism
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