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KHA36-John Le Bon

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Date: May 21, 2015

Guest: John leBon from the Australian Roundtable


John leBon and Kay talked about:

The Australian government is in a big push to get every single Australian fully vaccinated.  The propaganda is on overload. As well, Australian laws have been passed to lock up people suspected of having an infectious disease.

Cancer is also a big money maker, and a cure was promised in 1980.  So where is it?  We suggest that we will never find a cure as too many different organizations are suckling form the cancer money tit.

We get to hear about the Sydney Siege hoax from a real Australian. How much of what we see of the Sydney Siege through videos and pictures were real?  Could the videos we viewed have been CGI meaning the videos were made ahead by a few programmers using a video editing software in anticipation of the hoax?

What type of government do we all really have?  It has been clearly shown that our elected official are not really the ones in charge.  Is America Democratic, fascist, state-ist or communist?



  • Thank you to Delcroix for producing  K Ham Radio, episode 36

KHA35-K Ham Radio

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Date: May 5, 2015

Guest: Rollo


Subjects Rollo and K Ham discussed were the news of the day, honest researchers,  torcher, and the holocaust.  Videre, Delcroix and K Ham recently made a video titled A Look at Media Fakery.  The big question is could some of the videos we see emanating from hoaxes be pure or partly CGI? Another big question is what if the whole grouping of videos for a particular hoax is CGI? Rollo tells us his thoughts on money and  CGI in the media, the tv show Braking Bad, Sami’s K Ham episode 33 about Ayahuasca, and much much more!

11 11 by Tiller Wills – The Most Diehard Hardcore Song Ever!…


Eckart tolle


A Look at Media Fakery video…


A Look at Media Fakery post…


*Thank you to Delcroix for producing Episode 35 of K Ham Radio.

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KHA34-K Ham Radio

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Date: May 7, 2015

Guest: Rochelle Joins K Ham in the second half of the show.

K Ham discusses her recent post:

Turns out the Pyramid Builders are from Black Africa


Gatekeeping in Academia



Read more:…

This is the Best video to listen to in order to learn about how the academic world has worked rather hard to dismiss Robert Bauval and The Orion Theory. We get an inside view of how nasty academia can get, besides the obvious controls.

Egyptologist Robert Bauval on his Fight Against Mainstream Historians [FULL VIDEO] April 2015…


*Special thanks to Delcroix for producing episode 34 of K Ham Radio.

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ep33-K Ham Radio

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When: April 30, 2015

Guest: Sami from and right here at

Topic: Sami’s Candid Journey with Ayahuasca


Before Sami arrived K Ham talked about Ab’s post Meet Mac, and discovered that the little old ICBM Mac and the surrounding programs prompted the discoveries for Background Microwave Radiation which is THE PROOF for the Big Bang Theory. After about an hour into the show, K Ham is joined by Sami.  They have a revealing conversation about Sami’s experience with ayahuasca which intersected nicely with his discovering and dealing with the high-stress modern media.…

Show Notes: Continue reading

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ep32-K Ham Radio

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When? Thursday, April 23, 2015 7:11pm

Guest: Rochelle


Rochelle’s Youtube Channel




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Guest: Delcroix

We discuss the Sharia Law Hoax

Arabs are the necessary enemy in the 911 Fear Based Mind Control Program.  As well, without Arabs/Muslims as the bad guys, we would have no business occupying countries in the Middle East. The Sharia Law Hoax is a good example of how the media gets it wrong on purpose. Instead of showing that Sharia Law or Muslim Law  behaves in the same way as Judeo-Christian Law: A Set of Moral Guidelines, the Media shows Sharia Law as the blueprints for Muslim’s evil plan to take over the world. This purposeful misrepresentation of the facts is part of a far larger pattern of villinization of Arabs/Muslims. The 911 Fear Based Mind Control Program only works if Arabs and Muslims are malevolent.


What is the Sharia Law Hoax?

THE SHARIA LAW HOAX:  Muslims want to enact Sharia Law in order to eventually take over the United States using America’s tools against her:  Her precious legal system.

THE SHARIA LAW REALITY: Sharia Law or Sharia Court is a term given to dispute resolution that is loosely based on religious rules.

(There are books written by Muslims on with the words Sharia Law in the title sitting on bookshelfs. These are self-help books for Muslims.)

Some links from the show:

Sharia Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution…

Lawyers Crossing Cultures, The Sharia Court

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ep30-K Ham Radio

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Guest: Hoi Polloi, from

When: Thursday, March 26, 7:11pm Eastern


We compare possible earth models and discuss the most compelling arguments for and against them.

Here are some links from the show.

The Moon Wobbles…


How is the Moon lit?…


The SSSS Model of the Universe…


Divergence of Long Plumb-Lines at the Tamarack Mine…


The Rectilineator Experiment and Concave Earth…


Glass in the Sky…


The Electric Universe Theory…


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ep29-K Ham Radio

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Guests: Delcroix, Ab, and Chris from


We talk about Verinage Explosiveless Demolition about the 3 hour mark.

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ep28-K Ham Radio w/Simon Shack

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K Ham Radio starts at 4:11pm Pacific time.

Guests: Delcroix, Rollo, Videre and Simon.


Listen live at or

KHam Archives

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Ep27-KHam Radio

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Guest: Delcroix and Rollo

Topic: The Irish Potato Blight


What was really going on with the so called Irish Potato Famine? We listened to some audio with Chris Fogarty who discusses how the media at the time was manipulated to hide the fact that Ireland and her people were being looted.  From the London Records Office, British regiments’ Daily Activity Reports of 1847 show exactly what was taken from Ireland by gunpoint from British soldiers in one day, from one port:

From Cork harbor on one day in 1847 the AJAX steamed for England with 1,514 firkins of butter, 102 casks of pork, 44 hogsheads of whiskey, 844 sacks of oats, 247 sacks of wheat, 106 bales of bacon, 13 casks of hams, 145 casks of porter, 12 sacks of fodder, 28 bales of feathers, 8 sacks of lard, 296 boxes of eggs, 30 head of cattle, 90 pigs, 220 lambs, 34 calves and 69 miscellaneous packages.

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