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Fresh 911 fake footage

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Update 9/27/20; is this phony? Anyone see any edits or jump cuts? What’s your take?

I added another file from Markus Allen for review as well.

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Since no one is flying, there aren’t any fake planes falling from the sky this year.

Therefore it makes sense to release some new phony liewitness footage for 9/11 19th anniversary coming up.



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In your face numbers

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They never quit.

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Is the money the only real thing about 9/11?

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Nothing else is true, so how about the money transfers?

Why Aren’t Insurers 9/11 Truthers?

2020-09-10 by (The Corbett Report)

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As we approach the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 false flag, Leonard writes in to ask about the insurers who paid Silverstein and his cohorts over four and a half billion dollars as a result of those attacks. Why did the insurers never investigate the possibility of controlled demolition? Why did they pay out billions of dollars without calling the official 9/11 narrative into question? James investigates.

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Markus Allen’s banned flight 175 9/11 video

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9/11 is now a small footnote in history. Most are too masked up to even think about it.

Here’s an old viral video, back when viral meant something.

Now on

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Markus Cavemonk Chris on 911 phoney media

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Last clip talking about the 911 media was all made in Hellywood.

Not one clip was real – it was all a movie.

Too bad it wasn’t a bad dream like the Dallas finale.



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