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Is this the basis for the West’s forever war against Sharia law?

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Muslims have been the target of hate and division from our overlords for the last generation. Could this be the reason why?

Don’t forget the basis of the 9/11 hoax were the covid-19 Muslim hijackers of the mythical planes.

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Making huge structures disappear

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This site’s obsession with the controlled demolition explosion of the WTC gets more clues in this Canadian explosion.

Now I know where the Silverstein term “pull it” came from.

Here’s some clues to where the “molten steel” meme came from – plain old torching.

“Torchmen are the first to arrive and the last to leave”

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Markus Allen: This is my 20-year investigation into 9/11 (revealed)

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Markus breaks down this aging hoax.

9-11-2021: This is my 20-year investigation into 9/11 (revealed)

2021-09-11 by (Markus Allen)

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Listen to all my audios at:

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Eureka 17 second beep beep

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Simon still honing his 9/11 work.

I just realized today that I’ve never written here about a “eureka moment” that occurred to me several years ago.
As I released my September Clues movie back in 2008, I remember thinking that perhaps “Part E” of the movie was a bit weak: that’s the part where I show that a curious “bee-beep” audio cue (at various volume levels) was heard on all the TV networks. As I lined up and synched all the 9/11 broadcasts (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) on my video editing software, I had noticed that this audio cue occurred 17 seconds before the “shocking crash of Flight 175 crashing into WTC2”.….

Q is also the 17th letter, and we know this is important to the perps.

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Paranormies: 9/11: By Demons Be Dustified: 20 Years of Media Lies

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Decent 9/11 podcast.

9/11: By Demons Be Dustified: 20 Years of Media Lies


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20 years ago today the Jew controlled mass media pulled off the biggest hoax in history. (Until Covid, obviously) Join Johnny, DB, Reinhardt, Jack, and Alt Skull for what might be the most schizo, yet most likely explanation for what happened on the day predicted (ordered?) by the Project for a New American Century as “another Pearl Harbor”. No spoilers here, you’re going to have to get /comfy/ and listen! Links to videos posted on With: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Dogbot, and Jack the Intern Guest: Alt Skull. Make sure to check him out on Telegram here:

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‘Vaccine Passports / Digital ID: Populations Trade Freedoms For The Illusion of Protection.’

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From 9/11 to COVID-19: The Psyops continue, in short, a PSYOP is a government brainwashing operation intended to shape public opinions and create compliant behaviours. Successful PSYOPs always result in the growth of Government power and suppression of individual rights. PSYOPs involve deep pre-planning and coordination from government branches, intelligence agencies and officials. The media also plays a paramount role in controlling information and selling the narrative to an unsuspecting and trusting publ

Source: ‘Vaccine Passports / Digital ID: Populations Trade Freedoms For The Illusion of Protection.’ – Truth Talk UK

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FAK374-Simon Shack on the 20th anniversary of 9/11

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