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September Clues is a 21 video series

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Fakeotube has been racking up the hits on September Clues. Remember there are many addendums to go with the original.

Watch them all!

More info:

Watch the whole series:…

Source: SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 by Simon Shack

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The queen trump’s 9/11 every time

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FAK610-Simon Shack – Mark Tokarski

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  3. 9/11 Smokescreen…
  4. WTC Study



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HBC-Where are the 9 11 Victims?

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Source: HBC-Where are the 9 11 Victims Pt 1

Chris Kendall from Hoaxbusterscall calls the SSDI

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September Clues is the new hate speech

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One of the reasons I started fakeotube is to save all the 9/11 research – as it was extremely censored on every single platform.

As regular listeners to my podcast know I added a source entry for every single video I upload.

When clicking the source of September Clues, it makes my point beautifully.

Thanks to all for supporting my mission to keep the most important truth free and freely available. (Donate here)

September Clues tour guide

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Jamie McIntyre – no evidence of a plane

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Like all footage, this is probably prefilmed and scripted, but no planers and autohoaxers point to this as evidence of fakery.

Here’s the rest of the footage, that may have had the part where he said there were plane parts voice overed later.

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9/11 is an adult

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21 years old and barely a memory thanks to its new brother 3/11.

Dear everyone, here we are once again – “celebrating” the anniversary of the silliest hoax (or one of the silliest hoaxes) ever hoisted upon humankind.

Why we would be “celebrating” should – by now – be crystal clear to all of this forum’s members & readers: our valiant Cluesforum has not only exhaustively demonstrated that ALL of the TV imagery aired on September 11, 2001 was utterly and completely phony – and was nothing more than a pre-fabricated “Hollywood action movie”; our relentless research efforts have also proven beyond reasonable doubt that the alleged “3000 victims” were equally phony, computer-generated entities.……

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