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9 11 minutes with Ab

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I dislike YouTube immensely, but it’s the only fishing hole in town. Please subscribe to all my channels including both my YouTube channels which are always linked below.

And of course my own video curation site

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Flat earth blues

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All I learned is that my interview was used without attribution and JLB Inc. thinks less of me in the comments.

I was the first to call Mark (supposedly) mainly because I had the time and curiosity at that exact moment to call. No idea he’d pick up as I said in the call.

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How the 911 WTC magic trick was pulled off

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If there’s a better explanation on what happened, I have yet to see it.

This post was originally published Dec 2013. New member @legends found it on and it is as relevant today as it was in the past.

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We’re gootube streaming

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Inspired by IPS, I thought I’d give gootube another try.

Subscribe below and help test.

I have two channels, and the links never change, even if youtube cancels them.



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