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Join my Session

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A new decentralized chat system.

Hey, I’ve been using Session to chat with complete privacy and security. Come join me! Download it at My Session ID is 05a98590796cb3411749b248cf958ea4ebb3e9a4994a83d7d58ebf9b3a504d0777 !

Android and Windows

First one to join wins a prize.

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Northern Tracey tonite at 1900h

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It’s been a tough week for me. Private war in my own family going public was the start of it, documented here-…. Then WW111 in the bigger outside world. Is this a case of ‘as above so below’ or something?

Source: My very own promo — Blurt

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Thanks Gabriel!

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Thank you so much to all the donors here – here’s the latest fantastic donation from Gabriel.

Tim, I am long overdue for a donation. I read your blog every day. You are a great aggregator of the must know information. I also enjoy the evening chats too when I can make it. Keep up the good work, Gabriel.

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Discord strike 2, on to 3

likes this

You like discord, so I’ll introduce you to the fakeologist discord version 3.

Discord is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment for our community. We’ve found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. As a result, we’ve disabled your account for the following reason:

Your account posted misleading or harmful misinformation, or was involved in servers dedicated to this content.

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Server switch

Be the 1st to vote. was down for 6 hours today. Admin says it was “config error”. Smells like the Facebook story.

We’ve switched youtube channels, as I left a livestream up for too long and the channel was struck.

Subscribe here to the YouTube livestream channel.

Here’s the main YouTube channel with not much on it.

As always, I recommend Make sure you get a login there.

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