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Welcome reddit users

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We’re getting a spike in visitors from reddit today, thanks to JLB. Welcome people look around!We think 9/11,JFK, and all major media events are staged by your psyop industrial complex. After reading here, you will… sure you go over to the thread and upvote it.

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Bigger, better, faker than Twitter

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As big corporations put the squeeze on their social media counterparts, decentralization is even more important in social media.

I am now experimenting with a new platform called Mastodon, because the power to disrupt Twitter.

Sign up for an identity on the fakeologist Mastodon server, and your toots will ripple across the Federation unfettered.

Once more, thank you to @trypt for setting things up.

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Dissenter for speed and freedom

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Another new browser, super fast, open source, not compromised or controlled (yet), plus a universal comment section for discussing or chatting at any website url (including youtube and this one!) without sponsor’s censorship.

Download and try it out! I’ll even put a comment in the dissenter comment section on this post with a codeword. Comment below if you find the codeword, and leave a dissenter comment in their section to prove you made it!

Source: Dissenter | The Comment Section of the Internet

h/t Noagenda Show

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Clip time

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A project for anyone who wants to help.

Please go through some of my audio archives and find any 10-120 second clip of audio that you think is worth psychic driving by way of our clip machine on the audiochat.

Check *help and *list in the discord server for how to use it.

Please put any file names and time stamps in the comments below so I can sample and save.

I particularly want Simon Shack clips that explain the 9/11 deception.

Thanks in advance.

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Itunes stats

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For all those IOS Apple people that haven’t been getting their near daily dose of Audiochats, I found the problem.

Google’s feedburner is unreliable.

I exorcised it from Apple, now Apple comes to fakeologist directly for its feeding. Standby for 24 hours for update to propogate.

Remember you can look to the right, and down to find an RSS for every aspect of this site, including audio and all its subcomponents.

Here are some stats that I’ve never looked at before.

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Follow Xmaseveevil1

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I don’t normally make twitter recommendations, but this guy is one of the few fakeologists on twitter and no where else who meets all the fakeologist criteria. Plus he created a twitterstorm here, doubling our daily hits.

Let’s hope he comes on to the discord to chat.


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Welcome UK to! Take a while to spend time listening and reading to this multi media site!

The above tweet is causing an avalanche of traffic here – pointing to an old TomD thread. Sometimes it takes a while – what’s going on with interest in this from England today?

The Marchioness Disaster – 20th August 1989 – London, England

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Tagging #hrdpar

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If you’re commenting or posting or forum-ING, add two tags. For this latest psyop add #hrdpar and #NZmosque. This will (temporarily?) help with the Giggle(tm) searches.

It’s very hard to find this site via any means now, so this is one possible way to help. Of course, the best way is to send a direct link via email, whatsapp, or whatever platform we still have control over.

I’ve added tags to all new posts. Add #fakeologist if posting to other platforms. Links are usually filtered out or blocked.

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