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Ab’s Fakeologist show – tonite at 8:30pm!

like this


Tonight Ab @830pm EDT (check your timezone here)

I am going to try a few shows a week to outline my research.

The show will be Sunday to Thursday from 2030h – 2100h. A half hour of updates of what I am writing and posting. If I have a caller inner, I’ll extend the show until 2130h.

You can reach me by phone here discord here.

As always, you can encourage me and support my work here.

Please note that some email notifications are being blocked – addresses are bouncing due to the fakeologist email server “reputation”. Please use protonmail or gmail to receive updates.

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You’ve gotta write

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To let us know you’re listening.

Just listening to the latest Rick and Rollo show and loving it, thank you. I’ve listened to lots of your shows and am really grateful for them.

Can you tell me how to be a member whee I can comment regularly please?

Would you also pass a message on to Rick too please? He’s my virtual soul mate! I find myself agreeing with everything he says and I love his humour.

Very best wishes to you all.


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Fakeologist Show on the  Dark-Matter-Digital-Network

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I told Tim Ozman he could play any of my shows on his site – hopefully his site catches on and helps diffuse the content. All my content is free and shareable – if you get value from it, pay whatever you think it’s worth by donation.

Fakeologist Show: Exposing media fakery one PsyOp at a time Coming Soon…

Source: Fakeologist Show: Exposing media fakery one PsyOp at a time – Dark-Matter-Digital-Network

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Old links

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I have many old audios here – Gabriel actually wanted to play some of them!

I didn’t renew Therefore, whenever you see or, just substitute

I’ll update the links one day.

Meantime, you can download all the old audios in one shot here.

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Check out “Manyverse”

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Markus turned me on to this.

I just downloaded this app to my phone… wanna try it – might be the solution we are looking for:

Give it a try. My ID is

Connect with me on Manyverse by pasting this invite code there:


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Be Brave

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Not sure how to make ipfs compatible, but will accept all advice to do so.

Decentralizing is key to all forms of human activity.

Yes, I use Brave.

Brave has just taken a step toward supporting a decentralized web by becoming the first browser to offer native integration with a peer-to-peer networking protocol that aims to fundamentally change how the internet works. The technology is called IPFS (which stands for InterPlanetary File System), a relatively obscure transport protocol that promises to improve on the dominant HTTP standard by making content faster to access and more resilient to failure and control.…

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Discord venus fly trap closes part 1

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So colourful, so easy, so alluring and now gone.

Sadly, I don’t have TeamSpeak set up yet.

In the meantime, email me to get setup on, and separately register on fakeologist forums. You can also use telegram, as long as it’s kept alive by whatever overlord owns it.

If we don’t use big tech, then we can ignore their honey pots. Ultimately, they are time energy sinks, and time is the only commodity they can’t directly steal from us.

I may set up another discord, or I may start a telegram voice chat.

Stay tuned.

Benoit new server


Discord is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment for our community. We’ve found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. As a result, we’ve disabled your account for the following reason:

Specifically, for the spread of harmful misinformation.

Discord Trust & Safety

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Meet Spike

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Tired of all the security issues around the big boys’ platforms?

Try decentralized Spike.It uses your email server (you should have your own) to send and archive messages.It uses open source video and audio for calls.

It’s even got video conferencing.

Get away from big tech and stop whining.

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