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Server switch

Be the 1st to vote. was down for 6 hours today. Admin says it was “config error”. Smells like the Facebook story.

We’ve switched youtube channels, as I left a livestream up for too long and the channel was struck.

Subscribe here to the YouTube livestream channel.

Here’s the main YouTube channel with not much on it.

As always, I recommend Make sure you get a login there.

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We get letters

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Big thanks to Paul for his generous donation!
We operate on the value for value model: you pay what you think the show is worth. There are no paywalls, truth should be free.

Donate today!

I enjoy hand written notes!

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A new baby fakeologist!

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In a death cult, munchausen syndrome world, it’s so refreshing to hear of a birth – a miracle that is a human life.

Congratulations to Steve and his family – and thanks for the donation as well!

So grateful!

Steve83 – Fakeologist God’s.. Send me good Karma for my new son, daughter(8), son(7), and my amazing, beautiful wife . Just want to do what I can to support the work you do, without which I may not have wanted to start a family knowing what is behind the curtain. Truth and love is out there, just block the fear and reject the hatred.


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Youtube channel update

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Make sure you click here:

…and resubscribe. I forgot to delete a few past streams and got shut down on the old link.

The above link is an evergreen – it always works as it forwards to the current youtube channel.

Of course, you should only use, my own platform.

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Fakeotube – Apps on Google Play

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Download for your android.

If you want to download the app for the Apple store, click here.

?AVideo APP on the App Store

Source: Fakeotube – Apps on Google Play

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Fakeologist Donation to Noagendashow

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I have a list of places I donate to – including one of my favorite podcasts, the

Here’s a clip of my latest donation.

You can donate to my show at

Support non-msm content creators!

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Comment mentions

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You can now @mention registered users on in comments.

They will get an email when you @mention them.

If you are a frequent commenter, you should register to avoid moderation AND get mentioned!

Register by emailing me here.

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Charles Richet PDF – Fakeologist Forums

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Share the short link to download the most important document regarding what injecting proteins into a living biological animal’s bloodstream can do – then and NOW.

Read all about the research done by this scientist on inflicting Anaphylaxis on animals specifically dogs with an inoculation similar to the “vaccines” given to humans almost 100 years ago he was awarded a Nobel Peace prize for his contribution to humanity.

Source: (52) Charles Richet PDF – Fakeologist Forums to sync movies and books

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