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Be Brave

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Not sure how to make ipfs compatible, but will accept all advice to do so.

Decentralizing is key to all forms of human activity.

Yes, I use Brave.

Brave has just taken a step toward supporting a decentralized web by becoming the first browser to offer native integration with a peer-to-peer networking protocol that aims to fundamentally change how the internet works. The technology is called IPFS (which stands for InterPlanetary File System), a relatively obscure transport protocol that promises to improve on the dominant HTTP standard by making content faster to access and more resilient to failure and control.…

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Discord venus fly trap closes part 1

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So colourful, so easy, so alluring and now gone.

Sadly, I don’t have TeamSpeak set up yet.

In the meantime, email me to get setup on, and separately register on fakeologist forums. You can also use telegram, as long as it’s kept alive by whatever overlord owns it.

If we don’t use big tech, then we can ignore their honey pots. Ultimately, they are time energy sinks, and time is the only commodity they can’t directly steal from us.

I may set up another discord, or I may start a telegram voice chat.

Stay tuned.

Benoit new server


Discord is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment for our community. We’ve found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. As a result, we’ve disabled your account for the following reason:

Specifically, for the spread of harmful misinformation.

Discord Trust & Safety

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Meet Spike

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Tired of all the security issues around the big boys’ platforms?

Try decentralized Spike.It uses your email server (you should have your own) to send and archive messages.It uses open source video and audio for calls.

It’s even got video conferencing.

Get away from big tech and stop whining.

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Uncle Odd’s NOL show

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NOLs may be the common law solution out of this mess.

Join Uncle Odd tonight live on at 6:55pm.

Uncle Odd Fakeotube Channel @

Uncle Odd’s youtube forever link:
Uncle Odd’s Telegram and


NOL letter:

Mike…yesterday was a HUGE day!!!

I got my NOLs in the mail with the notice of, “If you’ve received this, you’re F”(KED”…spiral bound.

Tonight I’m having a Zoom call on my “The Uncle Odd Show” channel on YT (which will surely be struck within an hour of posting…I don’t care…as long as people subscribe to me at it doesn’t matter how many times I’m deplatformed, I’ll keep popping up like a whack-a-mole”.

The call is going to begin with a 20-minute video documentary of my personal assembly process from beginning to end (even videoed the postal worker stamping everything).

After watching the video, the group of a half-dozen studs (all the dudes smarter than me on this stuff) and I are talking IN DETAIL about every page of the NOL to provide explanation for those who may also want to join the action. It’ll be an “NOL 101”.

Since so many of my following friends have come from your community, I have a sneaky suspicion they will enjoy this Zoom call.

Can you please let your community know…and encourage them to pass the word on also?

I’ll be taking questions from the chat. It’s a great opportunity to explain a document and process that is “clear as mud” to most of us…and help make sense of it.

Thanks, Mike! Can’t wait to get back on your show. LOTS to talk about! Here’s my new channel.



P.S. I guarantee after people watch the LS and understand we’ve paved the way with templates and the “how” (with supporting video), they’ll be encouraged to join the fight.

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You are my therapy – I am yours

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Thanks Masterofnone! Let’s keep the positive feedback loop going!

Long overdue! Thank you for being so committed, always looking for even better tools that are easier to navigate, for doing this in your vast spare time?, for providing a place for people to have a voice and connect and for being so curious and intelligent. Sincere thanks to you.

Jane of all trades.
Master of none.

Also thanks to Purpleplay for her generous donation!

Remember, consider bitcoin for donating.

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Youtube solution

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Another round of purges, thanks to their own popular Qanon psyop, has YouTubers like Polly crying.

It makes we wonder if they are given to us. There are many alternatives that can easily be used, without central msm control.

Below is my latest page outlining this.

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Get ready

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Ice Age farmer says his Discord server was shut down due to this possibly disinfo post.

This could easily happen to our server I suppose. Make sure you subscribe to our telegram channel and register on for email updates.

Download TeamSpeak as I have a server that I will make sure is working in the future.

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My mastodon server is now canceled.

The twitter knock off is a great idea that isn’t working.

If the masses don’t care, then it can’t be successful.

I tried a year, but no-one came.

Can’t argue with what people want or don’t want.

Telegram is far easier to use, and is already bigger at


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