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Upper and lower discord

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We now have two discords.

Lower is where new users land, and will be relatively unmoderated.

Upper will be more moderated and have the livestream audiochat. It is available by invitation only.

Let’s see if this bifuricated model can serve everyone successfully.

Don’t forget we also have a telegram channel, which is also mostly unmoderated.

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Discord down again

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Our has been nuked again.

This at the time that our tech wiz is in transit!

Our plan is to go to an Element/Matrix config.

Help crowdsource here at to help me pay Velocet to expedite this.

In the meantime you can log into our TeamSpeak server at

Use the forums at for text.

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Thanks latest donors

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Thanks for responding Epic Souls and Tim F. my latest donor request.

Here’s Epic Soul’s tiktoks

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