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With Geris, Gaia, Cody, Learnerofskills, Fliegenfuerst, Owl Firebrand, Thoughtcriminal, Adult Male Content, Carter, Luke Artanis

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FAC616-Ab, Remote44, Exoterick, Geris on Child Soldiers

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New voice from Toronto starts off this audio.Show notes

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FAC613-FRAC Digest

Another big session today. ** New voice alert Romans 120 **

Thank you all @Fakeologist @Romans_120 @Geris-(Benoit) See the Fakeopedia page for shownotes for FAC 613 – “I am a Fakeologist!” and links to other pages, like Plan Patagonia, I can understand it is a bit overwhelming Romans… :wink:…


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FRAC 18 – Intense Education This was by far the best FRAC ever (even more than my years of research into Apollo), thanks so much @Fakeologist @dave j @Geris-(Benoit) @fliegenfuerst for making this unique content possible. NOTE: the audio chat does not stop after Geris’s farewell

Also starring John le Bon, Rollo and John Laws

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Friday Apollo FRAC special

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Set your clocks for 1617h July 19, 2019 for a spectacular special hosted by Gaia and Geris.

They are looking for guests who have any gems resulting to this topic.

It will livestream at fakeologist/s/radio3.

You can join the discord at to participate.

Gaia tells me he has done much research on this topic and will reveal many hidden gems.

Mark your calendars!

Fakeopedia Apollo page

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