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MFT018-Alan_Watt April 10, 2006 on C2C

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Alan Watt was reading the 100 year old plan back in 2006.

The WHO is neighbors with the UN Population Control department and other gems in this 2006 Alan Watt interview with George Noory.


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MFT017-DrTim on Corona

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This new Masterfake Theater is a compilation of the audios listed here.

It may be the most important and relevant audio in the series for the day’s events.


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MFT016-Alex Loglia on Bill Cooper on the Germ Theory

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From Nov 1993, we find a good show of medium audio quality that was inspired mainly by the AIDS/HIV hoax. AIDS was another creation of Dr. Fauci, and serves as the template of the COVID19 hoax.

If you’re old enough to remember the 70s-80s, you’ll see all the parallels and patterns to Today’s mega psyop hoax is just updated with tech – and the tech will be used to control and imprison you.

As we get past the origin days of the initial lie – the seed that grows by the day – we need to concentrate on removing the seed or root of this hoax: that is that viri, germs, or microzymes are not and never will be contagious, and are a vital part of our body’s repair system. The idea that they are outside invaders is a war paradigm that must be removed.

Alex Loglia transcript of last hour of audio

Bill Cooper, if he was/is alive today, would be a great voice to hear in these crazy times. His audios are as relevant today as they were then, if not more so.

Sad we don’t have such a rebel spirit that he embodied today, controlled or not.


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MFT015-The Revelations of Dr. Day

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The NWO/Oligarchs/Eugenicists/Globalists have been around a long time.

Coronavirushoax2020 just re-introduced us to them.

Here’s a great audio that I mashed together from the below source into one handy dandy audio.

There was a meeting of paediatricians and students which took place on the 20th March 1969 at the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society, which was located on Ridge Avenue in Pittsburgh. One of the speakers was Dr Richard Day, an eminent professor and physician, and Medical Director of the organisation ‘Planned Parenthood’.

Source: Introduction | The Revelations of Dr Richard Day

h/t Markus Allen

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MFT014-Simon Shack on Hoaxbusterscall

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Chris did a big call with Simon Shack a few years ago in Jan 2012.

Enjoy this great call!

Here it is now hosted for posterity.

In this call, Markus Allen (Goldstein) calls Simon a big fraud.


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MFT013-Bill Cooper Moon hoax series

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I enjoy Bill Cooper. Whether you consider him controlled opposition or not – and I do – he had so much good audio that he can’t be ignored.

Here is he talking about the Moon hoax from 1994.

Main sticking point I have is I don’t think there is any secret space program – to this day. I’d love to believe they are working hard at doing something to get past where planes fly – but I am too pessimistic to believe they do anything but steal the money.

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MFT012-Sophia Smallstorm on ICE

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The legal mechanics behind the #HRDPARs in the United States.

Start at 10:00

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MFT011-Hoaxbusters Call w/Markus Allen

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A great show with much 9/11 discussion – which Markus calls the Greatest Magician’s trick of our time.

Show airtime September 12, 2011.

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MFT010-Empty towers and vicsims

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Another good show from Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams laying out the empty towers idea with few, if any, real victims.

h/t Xilefelix

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MFT009-Markus Allen’s 9-11-2010 broadcast

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On this fantastic episode, Markus Allen meets Chris Kendall for the first time.

I am a big fan of Markus and his clear talk. I’ve told him directly that’s he’s one of the best 9-11 talkers out there. He doesn’t need sound effects, he speaks through the telephone, and doesn’t need someone else to chat to.

That said, he seems to think fakeologists or this site do not like him. I respect his work, and don’t think like has anything to do with it. He’s welcome on this site and on any audiochat anytime, if it furthers our comprehension of the 9/11 hoax, which he’s been calling it since 2008.

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