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IPS says #autohoax, but not on Mad Mike

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IPS says Mike really died, just look at the evidence.

What evidence IPS?

This “read death” story smells a lot like the Carrion/John Adams story.

A psyop to divide our already tiny hoax community.

I don’t agree with Cameron’s mask BS, but he’s correct here.

How do we know Mad Mike is actually dead?:

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Real dummy or fake dummy?

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IPS has been promoting this guy for months.

I was expecting a “death” video.

The guy was either suicidal or insane, or likely an actor.

Super Dave comes to mind. Start at 6:20.

Trending by msm

“Self-styled daredevil ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes dies in homemade rocket disaster”…

Brian’s take

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IPS talks Kobe and Corona 19

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Tim’s been behind in his audio posting, but he seems to be back.

[Infinite Plane Radio] DON’T FEAR THE AIRBORNE SNAKE AIDS, IPR OPEN PHONES for OPEN MINDS #infinitePlaneRadio via @PodcastAddict

Tim turns around a Las Vegas shooting “knows someone who died”

If this podcast isn’t in your patron and daily listen list, it should be. Tip of the spear (save the masks).

Mandela Effect, Flat Earth, Misinformation, infInfinite Plane Radio OPEN PHONES

2019-12-28 by Tim Ozman

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He talks about this movie Mirage Men (you can find it on

He also talks about Walter Veith.

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Terrific call with JLB and IPS – you’ll have to pay to hear it.

Two videos referenced in the call that I’ve put on faketube.


Mark Kelly, space faker (and fake twin?), confronted by We Are Change, with a weak excuse for bubbles in space ” those are pieces of the space station flying off due to the harsh environment”

IPS and his billboard campaign in Philly.

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IPS calls out Fakeologist mask doubter

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I don’t necessarily doubt mask technology but I do doubt it’s being used in the Dallas Goldbuggery method IPS is pushing.

[Infinite Plane Radio] FAKE ASTEROIDS, DEEP FAKES, AND MEDIA PROVACATEURS, #infinitePlaneRadio via @PodcastAddict

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New caller on IPS

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Deep psyop talk with a new caller.

Infinite Plane Radio, Open Phones For Open Minds Streamed: December 8, 2019 at 1:03 AM

2019-12-09 by Tim Ozman

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