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Why Does PAWU Matter? – John le Bon

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Are people waking up? Ab and Markus featured on this JLB exclusive.

Unlike yesterday’s 5,000-word reflection on some synchronicities stemming from Ready Player One, this will be a genuinely brief post.

What I want to do is try to convey my thoughts concerning the People Are Waking Up meme, and why I think this question is so important.…

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Coronavirushoax: a vaccine hearts and minds military operation

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100% vaccination uptake – an astounding goal for any business model – is the short term goal for this worldwide military medical coup simulation.

Here’s a likely fake story to say we’ve only got 33% of the population to go in convincing to take it. I’d say it’s much higher, but fake social proof stories will escalate over time.

They will take it if they want to move around. Convincing the rest of them will be done by social proof and removal of “allowances”.

Among the third survey respondents who want to hold off on getting a vaccine, 76 per cent said they’re worried about side effects. “Those people are not strongly opposed,” Dubé said. “But they have questions and fears.”

Source: 32% of Canadians may hold off on getting eventual COVID-19 vaccine, survey shows | CBC News

How about ankle bracelets for those that don’t want to shoot up?

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