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KRoc-Spooks everywhere

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The ladies KHam and Rochello discuss Orlando psyop and spook reality actors.

“psyops are commercials for legislation”

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R & K talkbox on 9/11

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Roch3llo and Kham dissect and speculate about the film 9/11 – 102 Minutes that changed America, a History Channel movie about so called independent filmographers on the day of 9/11

Part 2

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KHA-Takin A Break

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K Ham Radio will be Off the Air


Hello Audiochat!

September 3, 2015

K Ham Radio needs to be put on the back shelf for the time being. Life is getting pretty busy right now, so there will be no new shows until further notice.  The audiochat, however, is a wonderful resource and I hope to keep using it. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share my thoughts with the world. Even more, I value each and every conversation because I had the privilege of learning from others. Ab, thank you for making that possible.

Thank you to the many listeners who looked forward to episodes, thank you for your listenership and patience with the quality of the audio.  Every week something else seemed to go wrong, but this just gave me a new opportunity to learn about podcasting. Come join me on audiochat sometime, I would love to get to know ya!

Now here is something pretty to look at.


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KHA45-Canada Has Hoaxes Too

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K Ham Radio

August 27, 2015


Canada is Different from America

Ab joins K Ham for a discussion on how the Canadian government differs from the US government, but their hoaxes from these very different governments are pretty much the same. Seems like hoaxes have been a tool for governments who want things to change in a hurry for a long time. Never-the-less, we Americans have a lot to learn about Canada.



Social Security Death Index

In order to get access to the Social Security Death Index which the government calls the Death Master File, you have to fill out an application here:

The new rule for looking up dead people is that you have to wait 3 years, unless you have a really really good reason and then promise not to tell anyone. How will this affect researchers?

adam ssdie


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KHA44-Sounds of Italy

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K Ham Radio

August 13, 2015


Sounds of Italy

K Ham went to Italy to visit Simon Shack, and also met up with Hoi Palloi and Videre. Among the smells and tastes of Italy, there are also sounds; cicadas, church bells, bands and more.



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KHA43-Tall 911 Tales with Rochelle

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K Ham Radio

July 30, 2015

Guest for the show was Rochelle, as heard on with Chris Kendall. See Rochelle’s youtoob channel  MindMatricks101


But first, Are Dinosaurs Real?


Consider this beloved childhood truism: Dinosaurs, both terrifying and wondrous roamed this earth in the ancient past.

Did they really?  Where is the proof?  The proof they say is in the bones.  O.k. show me the bones.

Problem you see, with the bones, you see, is that the timeline doesn’t add up.  We had pictures and giant models of complete skeletons of dinosaurs waaaaaay before we ever had an actual complete skeleton. And by the way, we still have never found a complete dinosaur skeleton, or even anything close to that. Each species of dinosaur is defined by just a few bones such as 1/4 of a jaw bone found in one pile added to some ribs from another. Fakery has been in the dino business since it’s inception, just like NASA, no doubt. Some fossils are faked, but some are also real.  What about the real ones?

Think about whales. We find most dinosaur bones in the rocks of ancient sea beds, where whales used to swim.  Dinosaurs have tons of vertebrae, just like whales.  The fossilized giant skull bone parts said to be from dinosaurs also fit nicely on whales. Jungle Surfer does a great job, as usual, of looking at the big picture.

DINOSAURS ARE A HOAX 2 Junglesurfer (This video was just for fun, see part 3)

Dinosaurs didn’t exist 100% proof part 3 by junglesurfer


inside sperm whale headorcaichty


t rex skin

Really, dinosaur skin? Of all the things this could be, assuming this picture is even real, of all the animals that ever existed, consensus among scientists involved is that this had to be a patch of dino skin?


Here is a Clues Forum post that shows this once particular dinosaur looks a lot like a turtle skeleton.

Psittacosaurus Gobiensis versus turtle


Tall 911 Tales with Rochelle

Rochelle joins us for a riveting discussion about 911 survivor stories. We analyze a state sponsored film called 9/11: The Tale of the Two Towers. This documentary was released almost exactly 6 months after September 11, 2001.

9/11: The Tale of the Two Towers

Of the few 9/11 survivors, one is the lovely Joanne Capestro. She has an amazing tale to tell that involves people grabbing arms separated from their bodies, seeing a dead couple skewered by beam while grabbing each other in an embrace and having a priest grab her a couple of times.

joan jcwithtand c

Another interesting character is Dave Donovan, who witnessed body parts raining down into the courtyard, plane seats with parts of bodies still in them, and saw a baby squirt out of the mother, only attached by the umbilical chord.



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KHA42-It’s Time to Roll with Rollo

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K Ham Radio

Date: July 23, 2015

Rollo was the guest for the Special Episode #42!!!!!



  • Michael Shermer’s Book: Why People Believe Weird Things. Michael is a real big jerk and wants researchers to know it. He does his best to shame those who question the media and government.

I guess the word “LIVE” isn’t good enough any more, NASA has to use the words “RIGHT NOW” to prove this fly-by really happened.

pluto, right now

This new image of the planet Pluto looks too much like the Disney character Pluto to be an accident.

pluto on pluto

“New Horizons already has beamed back the best-ever images of Pluto” 

One last image from NASA: “Members of the @NASANewHorizons team react to seeing the sharpest image so far.”    – From a NASA tweet.  Is it just me or does this image look more like people reacting to someone passing gas.

nasa happy at pluto

  • Could CGI be replacing crisis actors?  The evidence is pointing in that direction. Arnold Schwarzenegger looks better than ever in his latest Terminator movie. Sandra Bullock looked flawless in Gravity. The movies are admittedly using CGI, and people are not even aware of it. Could modern day hoaxes also be using CGI?  Is this the mental block we have in media fakery: That we cannot tell a CGI person from a real human actor?
  • Museums make their own dinosaur skeletons. Ab brought attention to this most excellent article that explains how museums want models. “But the job secured through that ad ultimately led May to launch Research Casting Inc., a company that’s been placing fossil replicas in museums from Argentina to Japan for the past 28 years.”  Are there any real dinosaur bones in museums?  Almost never.

museum makes dinosaurs

  • Sirius Satellite Radio uses NO satellites, never did. I have knowledge from one of their technicians. Turns out satellite radio is just cell tower radio. They are reliant on terrestrial cellphone towers. So why lie about using satellites in the first place?


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KHA41-Tour of 9/11 Research

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K Ham Radio Episode #41

Date: July 2, 2015

Back to the Basics: A Tour of September Clues Research on 9/11


After the events of 9/11, the news fakery did not stop.  In fact, the US national media groups and US government is putting out more hoaxes than ever and will most likely continue to put out fake/hoaxed/altered events for the foreseeable future. One might ask what could possibly be the motivation for these faked/hoaxed events. One can only guess because we are on the outside of that roundtable discussion, but I would guess money and power, which are desirable treasures in any age. In order to understand hoaxed events that show up in your evening news, it is a good idea to look back at September 11, 2001 and see how the events of that day, which includes the planes crashing into the towers, and the tower collapses, were faked and how the news media was complicit in its lies about that faked event.

Why is it a good idea to look back on the day of 9/11?  There has been a lot of great research about this day, which all points to a template of sorts for fakery.  If you understand how 9/11 went down, then you understand media fakery. With this powerful tool on your side, you are less likely to be duped when then next fake event comes along, and you are less likely to be emotionally manipulated.

Below are the recommended links from the premier research on 9/11 by Simon Shack and Hoi Palloi.  This is the standard for which all 9/11 researchers should begin their research.

Tour Guide to the September Clues Research

The Power of Imagery

Deconstructing 9/11

The Vicsim Report

The 9/11 Memorial Scams



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KHA40-Mind Control in Odd Places

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 K Ham Radio Episode #40


Date: June 25, 2015


Subjects include:

  • Tiger Woods and the US Open in Tacoma, Washington. Was it worth $200 a ticket?
  • Words we say

Does it matter?  Should we be checking our word usage every time we have a conversation? Adam Curry and John C Dvorak think we should.  Or are we just mind controlled by them?

  • Hoods, are they just mind control

A hood has a specific purpose in the movies; going incognito, turning on stealth mode.  In real life, you look guilty as heck if you wear a hood in public.  Could the use of hoods in the movies be a mind control technique for petty criminals to point themselves out or self identify to the authorities?

  • Alex Abella, and the RAND Corporation

Cuban born national, interviewed by Chris from Oklahoma, found on Alex is known for his Rand Corporation expose. What is going on with the Rand Corporation and all the information Alex Abella dug up on them?  Alex is the author of Soldiers of Reason: The RAND Corporation and the Rise of the American Empire.  The more I heard Alex talk the more I was convinced that this book was really a commercial, advertising the RAND Corporations services to those power brokers who hire companies like RAND to get their goals achieved. Peppered throughout Ale’s talk was double speak, reverse logic, meaningless slogans and odd titles of ideas all to confuse you.  Alex wanted to stop you from thinking the obvious: RAND Corporation is hired to conceive of and perform psychological operations.


The Third Offset Strategy

Alex Abella: Inside The RAND Corporation, from PrisonPlanet




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