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Incredible data universe being built

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Adam has another podcast, and this one is outstanding.

Texas Slim with Adam Curry

2021-11-12 by Adam Curry & Texas Slim

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Texas Slim With Adam Curry for November 10th 2021 Episode #8 Download the mp3 Podcast Feed ShowNotes Texas Slim @moderntman Mark Cuban on in-ground sensors Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) | FDA K&C Cattle Co. Texas Beef Initative Cargill family – Wikipedia Room 641A – Wikipedia Harvest of Deception – by Texas Slim’š–🧰 – Texas Slim Initiative Newsletter Texas Panhandle – Wikipedia Oshi App Music in this Episode Blake Shelton – God’s Country – 11 seconds Keith Urban – Texas Time – 21 seconds Image Credit With Adam Curry Home

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Good moronic virus coverage

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Another month, another phony contagion.

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Who are they?

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Think Bill Gates is the biggest farmer?

Meet Big Agra-the Cargill family.

Like most elite families, they have their own intelligence agency that likely misdirect away from their trillionaire holdings.

Goto 1:16:55.

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Breakthrough pharmaceuticals

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When a drug doesn’t work in Big Harma, try call it a breakthrough case.

This is standard nomenclature. When valium didn’t last through the night, the patient had “breakthrough pain”.

When you “get Covid” after the fake quaxxine, you get “breakthrough Covid”.

These evil geniuses have thought through every scenario and built a lie.

There’s gotta be a massive lie flowchart in Fauci’s office.

Start at 22:00

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This is tyranny

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Does NY have a legislature? If they do, they may as well close it down.

“I will be signing an emergency order giving me the power to” is a quote that should never apply to any government executive on any level in the US (or the rest of the world for that matter).

Further on, she says “God gave us the vaccine…”

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Satan on earth, disguised as your saviour, in full display here.

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Tucker Carlson misinfo killed my dad

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Shameless, disgusting, staged, but very effective atrocity (fake) propaganda.

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Killing with ventilators

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The ventilators + Midazolam (Versed) was used to kill seniors in nursing homes- this is organized euthanasia.

The Covid pneumonia protocol in ICU is identical to this procedure.

USA has 47,000 (11) open traveling nurse positions. This is why the hospitals are in trouble – dealing with vaxxed (poisoned) patients.

Starts at 2:52

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40:00 kill two to save one with the quaxx

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Covid Pneumonia: death by CDC protocol

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Good story.

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