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Covid 0 policies in Shanghai

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Testing every 3 days, inability to travel, plague laws used to control people’s movement to comply with the agenda 21 goals.

If people don’t educate themselves on the myth of contagion and viruses, this will come to your country soon.

Start at 2:13:54

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Fact check scam

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To prevent this, the controllers fed the media a number of tactics, one of the most commonly used was and is the “fact check” scam. With each confrontation with carefully documented evidence, the media “fact checkers” countered with the charge of “misinformation”, and an unfounded “conspiracy theory” charge that was, in their lexicon, “debunked”. Never were we told who the fact checkers were or the source of their “debunking” information—we were just to believe the “fact checkers”. A recent court case established under oath that facebook “fact checkers” used their own staff opinion and not real experts to check “facts”.[59] When sources are in fact revealed they are invariably the corrupt CDC, WHO or Anthony Fauci or just their opinion. Here is a list of things that were labeled as “myths” and “misinformation” that were later proven to be true.…

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They are coming for your dogs and other pets

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Another anything-but-the-vaccine headline ties beautifully with the United Nations SDGs to eliminate pet ownership. Part of the dogs are people too, no more animal slavery insane narrative.

The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) is investigating whether an acute hepatitis virus that has killed five children in the U.S. and sickened dozens of others could be linked to pet dogs.…


Dog are the problem?

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Plague laws designed for financial collapse

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Good Canadian trucker convoy coverage with the boys. Click on the link to go to the part where the financial guy talks about why the plague laws are being set up to control the riots when the money system changes.

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Tom Hanks leaves out free

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Tom hanks, who many think will be a future president, conveniently reads the script that leaves out free from land of the free, home of the brave in this shameless propaganda piece. John brings up the idea that the Smith Mund act must be brought back to rein in the extreme propaganda being directly aimed at the American people.

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