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Episode 06: Bear in Mind

2021-04-12 by realeyesradio

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Welcome to Real Eyes Radio Episode 06: Bear in Mind In this episode we recognize the “passing” of the world’s longest living mummy aka Prince Phillip, while exploring the mysticism of the Number 9 — a numerical Janus-like mirrored illusion built right into our base operating code of Math & Language Arts — along with a mini-dive on Purple as the color of illusion & Royalty. We (once again) get caught up in the tornadic energetic vortices placed & programmed to hypnotize our mind and extract our essence on a daily basis…broken-record alert! And of course, we poke fun at zoological genetics in a quite unsavory way, forgive us, as we take a moment to celebrate the Unsung Hero of the breaking of the matrix, Dorothy’s Inception Totem aka TOTO, all while keeping ourselves (and hopefully anyone who listens) absurdly entertained. Follow us on twitter to discover more: Real Eyes Radio @RealEyes_Radio on twitter and insta Human Vibration @humanvibration @humanvibration_insta Rambo @Seekthetruth101 Murph @ninjasniperpon1 Special mentions: Brother Berg @extracapsa My Maria @mymaria777 Phoenix Rising @di2122 Rock Chalk @RockChalkPhog25 Music by AYZ @Ayz Thank you to *THE UNIVERSE* for sponsoring our sixth episode, and a major shoutout to the crew at The Black Pill Podcast @blackpillradio_ for helping us spread our vibes.

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